Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will I ever be a new me?

So I am changing. My body is slowly shrinking to the person I hope it was meant to be. Do you ever wonder what it is really suppose to be like? Sometimes when you see a big person bu they look good...or when you see someone who has lost a lot of weight and they look awful. I look in the mirrow at my face and marvel at how it has changed from that image of me the day I took my before picture. Yesterday I was staring at my neck and how it no longer has a double chin blocking it. Do you see some before and after pictures and the person doesn't look the same? Will I recognize the Michelle looking back at me?

I honestly hope that I am skinny under my fat but I have been fat all my life. Maybe I am suppose to be this way. All I know is I want to know what it feels like to be skinny for once in my life...hopefully it is the way I was meant to be and I will keep it all off!

I joined the BLBE Challenge, I also joined a summer weight loss challenge group....I enjoy a challenge. I just hope that with all this work I will be able to get it off and be happy with the new me.


princessvalecia said...

that is a great thought. My mom says I dont have enough determination because my goal wight is too low. I feel like maybe just maybe I look good at a higher weight than others I dont think I will feel comfortable skinny

Losing Myself said...

I've been skinny, it wasn't any better than being fat, but I KNOW there is a happy medium in there. Somewhere between too thin and too thick is a blessed 'just right'.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I think when you get there, you will know. You will look at your body one day and like what you see and then you'll know you're where you should be. LOL!!! Didn't mean to be a poet!

You're doing great!

karen said...

Every time I look at the silly little charts of what's supposed to be my "healthy" weight range I laugh at the absurdity of me ever getting that low. I don't remember EVER being that low ... but I do remember being happy with myself and THAT'S what I'm shooting for. Kinda like what Marisa said but not quite as poetic ;)