Saturday, January 3, 2009

Biggest Loser

Erik and me at midnight on New Years Eve me in my XL sweater from the regular sizes side of the store!!!

I was looking at blogs today and found a biggest loser Blog Competition...I am one who loves a good competition so I joined! I want to be the Biggest Loser!!!! I love reading other people on this same journey with me and see how great they have done. Makes me realize that I too can do it and that it may not take me 5+ years but it might and if it does that is ok.

So I was standing in the kitchen while the kids ate I was finishing loading the dishwasher my daughter said stop sucking in your stomach I want to see what you look like....I said I AM NOT STICKING IT IN. My husband turned and looked and he said really? I said no I am just standing up straight. He said wow you look really good and the kids were screaming to me you look beautiful mommy! I actually was a hot mess! I had tried on a corduroy skirt that I bought last year in avenue size 22 and found it today in my closet. It was to small than and it is to big today. But I kept it on and had a colorful top that didn't match but I was so happy that skirt was so big. Here is a picture of my kids from this Christmas....I am skinny under my fat....may my children slowly forget the fat mom they had for way to long and come to know and love the new fun mom who found the skinny under her fat!


Dani said...

Your kids are gorgeous Michelle and what an awesome moment to realize that your body is truly changing! Awesome!

Rebecca said...

Your girls are stunning kids! You have so much to be proud of!