Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got my MOJO BACK!!!!

I am not down much only .2 LOL but heck it is down.
My mom finally left on Tuesday and after hearing her tell me I am still fat and feeling sorry for myself I really realize it after months of saying it I finally think I GET IT. This is up to me. I can't worry what others think of me. I need to love myself for the hard work I put to get this far. I need to car about my body to make it last me as long as humanly possible.
I went to the gym today and worked out for 10 miles combined on the bike, treadmill, elliptical and burned 550 calories. I am going again tomorrow morning and again tomorrow afternoon. My plan is to burn 1000 calories a day. I am going to do all I can to get this weight off and look somewhat cute this summer LOL.

I also wanted to update you on something else wonderful in my life. My daughter the gymnast had her 3rd meet this past weekend. I am having a proud momma moment here. She came in 1st place on the bars and floor routine. She came in 2nd on the beam and 3rd on the vault. She was 2nd overall out of 62 kids and we are thrilled. The last 2 meets she has come in 2nd place and she made it to states. That is the 21st and she will be at her home gym so we hope it makes her more confident and she can break that 2nd place hurdle and come in 1st place....either way I am so proud of her for just getting up on that floor and doing her routines. All my kids make me so proud in various ways and I need to find the Skinny Under my Fat for them and me.

You will be seeing less of me in pictures I can promise you that! Oh and my mom and me have a bet. I made her sign up for WW and she and I said if we both don't lose 10 lbs by Disney on April 5 we will have to eat liver and onions....I HATE BOTH so does she so we are going to do this husband knows the bet so he will be enforcing it LOL.

Peace & Love my friends!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Up is all I can say.

I had a bad week I thought I would be able to get off the pasta I "Had" to have one day it was a huge bowl I made it for the family and didn't want it to go to waste. That junk turns to fat on my body and I ate it weighed myself the next day and I was up 4 lbs. The rest of the week I got up an additional 6 lbs. I worked my butt off and got down 3 lbs of the 6 by the time I got to WI at WW. So I am going to keep up with my exercise schedule. I haven't gone since my mom came but we are doing activity together.

On Thursday I went to WI and my mom came. She had gained 50 lbs in the last 2 years and it is really noticable and she isn't comfortable in her skin. So I said you are fat and old you need to lose weight....might sound harsh but she had been harsh with me. She said you may have lost all that weight but I just don't see it. I said WHAT????? She said I don't see it yet. Yea fun that is the way this vacation with her would be I thought? So I got her to sign up to WW. We have been tracking and I am hoping she loses weight. She needs to lose about 120 lbs and I want her to do it. I am 8 lbs more than my mom....I am going to pass her this month.

I had a talk with her and said I went from October up and down since she came. I said I was 268 and got to 253 since that point. I felt like her visit sabotaged me. She said ok this visit is a kick in the ass for you and that I need to lose weight again the way I was. I am going to try. I need to lose some more weight before Disney and get a spanx for my goal dress for Disney. It fits but it needs a little help hiding my belly LOL.

I am excited for this weeks WI and today we are cleaning all the cars as a family. That I have been told is a great workout. So I will do that and go to the gym once today vs two times.

I hope everyone had a great WI. I will not let this setback be a permanent situation. I can control this and I will lose the weight.
I am also realizing this is not a 1 year deal I will take longer to lose all the weight but that should help me be able to keep it off and maintain as I work on learning the proper way to eat.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NY & Co Clothing Store

Well I have always liked to LOOK at the clothes and thought man wouldn't it be nice to fit into them? I went to the mall last night with my girlfriends and I tried on a pair of pants a cute bow tank top that had a bow over the chest a bit and a sweater....THEY FIT! The pants were on clearnance for 7.99 they had tons of clearance if you want to shop at the store RUN TO YOUR NEAREST STORE and check out clearance. But they didn't have the pants in a 10-12-14 and that is all that I am willing to buy for next winter. These were a 18 and they fit but they hopefully won't fit next winter!

I am tired from the gym getting up at 530 am is not easy and working during the day, raising the kids, it is tiring and than going back at night OMG! I am burning 1000 calories a day and surely to God I better see some results that are big negatives in my WW book!

My mom is coming to visit she arrives tonight. When she came in October that is where my mojo went away and I had started my up and downs. I haven't been able to get out of this range of 260-250's since she came. Am I blaming her NO! But I am thinking that I might have issues that need to be resolved with my mom me and food. She is overweight and wants me to lose the weight so bad that she pays for WW for me to go. I pray that I don't have a gain for the week that she is here. I am planning on taking her to the track with me to walk the 3 miles a day in the morning and at night when I go to the gym she can relax with hubby and the kids.

Slowly but surely I am finding the skinny under my fat.
Peace & Love