Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NY & Co Clothing Store

Well I have always liked to LOOK at the clothes and thought man wouldn't it be nice to fit into them? I went to the mall last night with my girlfriends and I tried on a pair of pants a cute bow tank top that had a bow over the chest a bit and a sweater....THEY FIT! The pants were on clearnance for 7.99 they had tons of clearance if you want to shop at the store RUN TO YOUR NEAREST STORE and check out clearance. But they didn't have the pants in a 10-12-14 and that is all that I am willing to buy for next winter. These were a 18 and they fit but they hopefully won't fit next winter!

I am tired from the gym getting up at 530 am is not easy and working during the day, raising the kids, it is tiring and than going back at night OMG! I am burning 1000 calories a day and surely to God I better see some results that are big negatives in my WW book!

My mom is coming to visit she arrives tonight. When she came in October that is where my mojo went away and I had started my up and downs. I haven't been able to get out of this range of 260-250's since she came. Am I blaming her NO! But I am thinking that I might have issues that need to be resolved with my mom me and food. She is overweight and wants me to lose the weight so bad that she pays for WW for me to go. I pray that I don't have a gain for the week that she is here. I am planning on taking her to the track with me to walk the 3 miles a day in the morning and at night when I go to the gym she can relax with hubby and the kids.

Slowly but surely I am finding the skinny under my fat.
Peace & Love


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Michelle, that is SO AWESOME!!! What a great feeling and don't worry about your mom's visit. Sounds like you have a good plan put together; You Can Do It!!!

Janna said...

You can do this while your mom is there!

You are ROCKING the workouts girl!

Congrats on doing so well!

Amy said...

I LOVE that store! I'm going to try to get by there tonight. They always have great clearance sales.

Good luck with your Mom's visit.

Kud said...

congrats on being able to wear clothes at any store!! Sounds like a good plan with your mom. I try to get my mom to do all sorts of fitness activities with me, including dancing around rooms in our house :D

Ida said...

I always tend to eat a lot around my mother. Yep, there's some issues there. But I think the next time I see her, things will be different because I'm more in control now. And you are more in control, too. So you will be fine.
Sounds like your mom is supportive of your weightloss, and that is a positive thing. Good luck, You can do it!!

antgirl said...

Ooooo!! Shopping! Isn't it great when things start to fit?

wakati said...

What an NSV:-)

Can't wait to join you in the "regular" stores. They have all the best sales and the clothes are so cute.

carla said...

Im thinking about you.
the mom thing up in herre can be TOUGH (man, I pray Im never like that for my daughter).


make your mantra while she is here:

I AM doing this. I AM doing this.