Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Damn Scale Hates Me

That or food LOVES me. Either way something has to give. I talked in my meeting today about my plateau and how the Wendie Plan just didn't work for me. My leader Carolyn told me you need the CP Plan the Carolyn Plan and that is Follow MOMENTUM nothing else.
She said that she wants me to email her what I am eating and working out and she will help me get back on track. I haven't really reached out to her the way I should have been. I am stuck.

I am up .4 this week. Heck it isn't even 1/2 a pound but COME ON MAN for the love of all good foods why can't I catch a break. Ok so the last 6 weeks
That is just freaking insane!!!! My butt is being worked out to the max in the gym. I am eating my points. What is going on....only thing I can figure is I am pregnant. This is what happened with my baby. I was going my weight was staying the same and I realized I was pregnant. I have gotten a period though just this past 17th so I am so confused. My mom said she got her period for 6 months while pregnant with me. I never got my period while pregnant with my 4 kids....I can't be pregnant but I think something else might be wrong so I am going for a physical. I am scheduling a appointment for me and my husband.

Yet again I will be doing better.
I am going to log what I eat here too.
Breakfast @ WW fiber 1 bar 2pts
Brownie bar at WW sample 1 pt
Pasta with marinara sauce 12 pts worth
I am going to Applebee's for dinner and will use up my 16 other points on dinner

I know I didn't have fruit or veggies added in so tomorrow I will do that....maybe not so much the veggies as I HATE Veggies.

The lady at our meeting who died we believe it was cancer. I heard that and my heart sank. So many cancers are caused my excess weight. How can I do this to me how can I do this to my family I need to get this weight off. I need to be healthy. I have 4 little kids looking up to me to be a good role model I NEED TO DO THIS FOR ME AND FOR THEM.

This is the start of a new week for me. A week that hopefully I will be down and not up or not even. I am heading to the gym this evening before going out so hopefully that will help me make good food choices. I am sure I will be using some of my 35 weekly points tonight!

Hugs and thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Note to self....

As I watch the scale go back and forth back and forth it goes from 259.2 up to 267.4 yesterday I can't help but wonder. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON inside of me! Ok maybe I was never meant to be skinny but I surely to God was not meant to be this big. I have been at this point for the last 6 months. I am trying and it seems nothing is working. The Wendie plan I am holding out hope on Thursday at WW I will see a loss.

But at the same time I can't beat myself up. My hubby just came home for lunch and I said look I am doing the working out part of it maybe I need to mix up my food part as well. I eat WW frozen meals for lunch and dinner most days and do cereal or yogurt for breakfast. Snacks normally are pretzels, ww bars, ww muffins, popcorn, and sometimes fruit.

My daughter told me today I am getting fat again. Again didn't know I ever was skinny....this from a 4 year old. I don't want her to remember me fat. I want her to remember the fun mom who could do anything with her and not get tired. Which by the way can I mention today I ran on the treadmill at 4.6 mph for 5 minutes Yes Ladies and Gents 5 whole minutes. I wanted to quit after 1 min 30 seconds but said this isn't hurting I should just keep going and I went on and on and on. I loved it and it made a mile go so much faster. I was doing walk run intervals while on the treadmill.

I am going to try not to beat myself up to much over all of this I know one way or another I am going to get this weight off and be healthy for me and my family.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Wendie Plan info

Ok Thanks so much for telling me about this. I was just looking it up online and it makes sense for me. I have been for the last 6 months at the 31 pts body is used to that I need to mix it up. So below is some info on the plan from Stephanie B I copied her post. Thanks Steph and it has the weights points range as well if anyone else wants to try it with me this week!

Here is a link

I am going to work this points system for the week.
Monday 28 pts
Tuesday 33 pts
Wednesday 29 pts
Thursday 43 pts (WI day so I will cheat afterwards and eat more)
Friday 28 pts
Saturday 32 pts
Sunday 30 pts

So that totals up to 31 and some change a day on average and my average is 31 pts. So this doesn't have me using my activity points but that is ok I will try it hopefully it will break my plateau....oh and a lady lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks...hey a girl can dream right!

Anyone else want to try this with me?

Oh the pain of running

OK so my thighs are killing me today. My friend told me it is because of the stepped up running. Ouch!

As far as eating no I don't really track...I do it in my head....I know I need to use my 3 month tracker I purchased and not let it be a dust collector. I am going to check out the website that was mentioned in my comments below and break this plateau.

I am hitting the gym in the am and again at night if my friend wants to go. I am her work out partner but I am not waiting to go at night because I would rather go at 6am when my kids are asleep and at night well I can do that if my friend wants to go but I prefer the morning. My other friend told me she would show me some other equipment in the gym as the trainer told me I need to mix it up. OK mix it up I shall do.

Also the 5K I am doing me and my girlfriends that are doing it together are going to walk run it to test it out and see how we do. We are going to time ourselves and again in June when it happens and again next year and see our times increase everytime we should hope.

On another note I lost a WW friend today. Her name is Darla. If you go to WW meetings do you have someone that stands out? This girl did she had lost I think 24 lbs in 6 weeks and her mom and her went to the meetings. I looked for her this Thur and she wasn't at the meeting. I got the paper today and the obituary section was open and I looked (I always try to avoid it I hate seeing young people in the obits) and I saw her picture. I was shocked and emailed our leader. She said Darla's mom actually called her and told her. So if you pray can you say a prayer for Darla she was only in her 40's I don't know how she died all that I know is she leaves behind a family and friends who will miss her terribly. She was always so bubbly with her mom and they looked like they had a wonderful relationship.

I am off to bed 6am is going to get her soon. Good Night and please stay safe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just some stuff

Ok seriously what the hell is wrong with my body? How do I not lose weight? What can I do at the gym to mix it up? The only machine left that I don't do is the stairmaster which I will try to do tonight when I go back. I went this morning and did
Treadmill 30 minutes alternating running 2 min walking 2 min
Elliptical for 10 minutes
Bike for 20 minutes
I burned 500 calories according to the machines so tonight I am going to go back and do it all over again so I can burn 1000 calories a day that is my goal.

But ok add the stairmaster in. What will that do to mix it up? I do the weights during the week Mon, Wed, Fri and I do a leg machine well 2 leg machines, one for the butt, and 1 for the arms/upper body. I haven't started walking yet with weights in my hands maybe I should do that.

I am mixing up my food this week too. I really am getting fed up being in the same range for the last 6 months. I have been in the 250's to low 260's ENOUGH ALREADY!

Any ideas what else I can do? We are going to get the pool up and running hopefully this month so I will also do my water aerobics during the day and also swim some laps so maybe that will help. I just need something not sure what it is but this 250 weight range is for the birds!

HELP ME ANYONE LOL I am welcome to all suggestion.

So "IT" happened today

A mom in gymnastics said to me today....Michelle what are you doing are you walking these days? I said yea walking but hitting the gym too tons. She said well Girl I meant to tell you the other day when I saw you that you look great. I told her how I am down almost 65 lbs and she said that is amazing and to keep up the good job.

This is a mom who doesn't know about my journey she just noticed it. I am so excited. I have had people who know and I had it happen once before with someone that I know but this was a mom who just sees me at the gymnastics school.

It felt really good. I went home and asked my hubby is this a slimming outfit cause a mom said something to me and he said yea it is slimming but you are getting slimmer too LOL. It was a new top and a pair of pants that were so tight on me a few months ago and they were loose.

I am off to the gym again. I went yesterday at 6am to get my work out done because last night we had things to do. I am going to try to go 2x a day once at 6am and once again at night if I can get away from the kids for a hour. Not sure if hubby will like that but oh well.

Ok onto another topic excess skin. So it is really hot here I had on a pair of shorts pj's yesterday and I was on the couch with my daughter and she was telling me to do exercises with her and I raised my leg it looked like a upside down mushroom. It was smaller at the toe area and the excess went down to my thigh it looked so weird. The weight is readjusting itself. I just dread the excess skin. I really think I am going to start a savings account for surgery to get it removed. I told my family I would have surgery for a tummy tuck, excess skin on my arms and thighs if it is really bad only after 2 years of meeting and staying at goal. I have a friend who did gastric bypass had a full body lift and is back up 60+ lbs and regrets doing all those surgeries. So I want to be sure I can maintain my body before I do surgery.....oh and a boob lift LOL Can't forget that. But heck I needed that after breastfeeding 4 kids so that might come even if I can't maintain the weight loss.....but that isn't going to happen I will be able to maintain!

Alright I am off to the to to lose a few pounds!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Starting over

Ok so I told myself today going into my meeting I know I will be up and I was up 2 lbs but I pigged out last night as I was throwing out the junk from the parties this weekend (cakes, cookies, chips) I kept having one or two or ok three. But I told myself you will pay for this.

I walked into WW head held high, yep I ate that junk, yep I went overboard in Disney but is it the end of the world? Nope So the couch to 5 k thing is the same thing that they send me on the site. So I am going to do it. I am doing a 5K here in June and look forward to doing it with my friends.

11 lbs in 3 weeks that is what I am striving for. I had only water today I am cutting out the diet soda. Summer is almost here and I love water so that is what I am doing. I also decided to change up my diet I have been eating the same things for so long. Maybe my body needs a good old shake up. Be ready body because the shaking up has begun!!!!

I heard a little girl a friend of my daughters who here mom has dropped over 125 lbs in 10 months she started when I did a few weeks before and she is a working out machine anyway my daughter said your mom lost a lot of weight. She answered yea isn't it great? I thought I want a kid saying that to my girls.

I still love looking in the mirror at myself or when I catch my reflection because I see how far I have come but I need more. When people see me that haven't seen me in awhile I want them to say WOW. I want to wear my size 14 goal dress that I bought.

Thinking back on my starts and stops with WW I realized I was always a quitter. When I saw that the weight wasn't coming off right away I would stop. This time the weight flew off in the beginning and it has stalled. I will not be a quitter this time. It is science at this point that I am fighting with. I know if I eat less, work out more I WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got a Stomach Bug lost 12 lbs!!!!! YIPPEE

But 3 came back in 1 day LOL. OK so tomorrow is my 1st day back at WW since we got back from Disney. I am hoping to be down but ok with whatever the scale says. So this past week I had my family in from NJ for my kids baptisms and 1st Communion for my oldest DD.

It was a crazy week and I put on weight after the stomach bug went away. But I told myself today ok Michelle get back in the saddle realize how close you are to being at 65 lbs gone forever! So I have a goal for May of being at 247 so I can get my 50 lb weight charm at WW and before I joined I lost 15 lbs so I will be down 65 lbs. It has taken so much longer than I expected. I really thought I would be near my goal at this point. So 34 years it took to get this fat....if I can cut it down to say 3 years to get to my goal I will be sad but know in my mind that realistically losing 150+ lbs in 1 year 2 years is hard 3 years probably a more realistic goal. In my heart I am saying how did I ever get this way and why won't it come off as easy as it comes on?????

I am doing a 5K in June and I am starting to train for it doing the couch to 5K. It should be fun I am doing it with some girlfriends and we plan to walk run walk run and than run into my friends pool LOL.

Here is a pic of me and my family from this weekend. That is a size XL jacket from the regular side as well as 18 paints and XL top from the regular size as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I am crashed!

I am so sorry it has been so long. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and it has been in the shop. I went away to Disney this past week on vacation and I got a call while on the Pooh ride in Disney the computer was ready! I was so happy. I missed the biggest loser blog edition 3x so I am kicked out of the challenge but maybe next time. I need it anyway cause I gained 7 lbs at Disney in a week. 1 lb a week ughhh but that is ok I lived it up had a good time and I am over it.
I felt like crap all week long eating that junk food but I had fun. I went with two other WW buddies and we all knew we gained. I have to say I had fun, I knew what I was eating was not the right choices but I loved the food and I knew that the stomach rumbles I was having were from the bad choices. I made the decision to eat that stuff I paid for it.
I am off to the gym again tonight and again this week I will go 2x a day to get it down to where I was before I went! I MUST!
Glad to be back and I will be catching up with everyone over the next week!