Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gastric Bypass....Oh My!

Ok so I have had enough! I have thought about this surgery for the past 10 years. I finally took the first step and I called a Dr that my friend used. I went to his seminar in September but put it on the back burner but recently I have felt down in the dumps and decided I needed to do something about my weight. So I contacted him and I have the following!
I saw the Dr yesterday Jan 25
Jan 26th met with the General Practitioner I have to see her 4x every 30 days she checks my weight and she gave me a guide of 2100 calories a day and work out 4-5 times a week no more.
Mon I go to the hospital for EKG, Upper GI, Xrays, Blood Work
Tues I go back to the hospital to meet with a nutritionist
Wed I go for my Psy evaluation
Feb 7th I go for my Sleep Study.

I saw my old Primary Care Dr this am about my past 2 years weights they need copies of his charts.

Here are my thoughts I will do all the testing and I have 4 months with the Dr and Dietician to lose weight. I am 285 and I figure in 4 months I should following the guidelines be able to lose 40 lbs in 4 months. 10 lbs a month the Dr said is good. So if I do lose the 40 lbs I will not do the surgery. I need to see the scale moving in the right direction and with the Drs help I think I can do it.

Worst case as the Dr said to me yesterday this is just a tool you need to do work for it too. He did tell me he thinks I should be able to get down to a size 5 in a year give or take! LOL he probably says that to all the girls!

I have started a youtube channel I am going to blog my journey and daily activities on youtube as well!

Here's to finding the skinny under my fat!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Zip My Mouth Shut!

Seriously I have some major issues. I don't feel like working out anymore. I am eating whatever I want. I got WW meals to eat for the week lunch and dinner.....guess what my 4 kids just ate 4 WW meals! I just dont know what is wrong with my mindset at the moment. I am going to the gym with my friend tomorrow she will hold me accountable. I need to do this with people I can't do this alone I know I can't.
I have a 115 appt on Wednesday with a gastric bypass dr. I can't believe I even made the appt. but I am going to see what options they have and maybe meet with a nutritionist to figure this weight loss out! Well not in my case weight loss but weight gain or weight staying the same.
I used to be so excited about this what is wrong with me??????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work out

I Did it I made it to the gym. I am going to admit I hate going to the gym alone. I like going w my workout buddy and she has been feeling under the weather. I thought ok just wait to go another day but my head was saying gogogogogogo so I went! It is insane how out of shape I am from where I was......not that I was a top notch athlete but burning 600 calories was a chore for me. So today she can't go again and I am fighting with myself again!!!!!! When will I learn get the balls to just go alone? It isn't like I don't know anyone else at the gym it is full of friends but she challenges me pushes me to work harder. She says I do the same for her but she lost 150 lbs and has kept it off I think she uses me as a chAllenge to not go back to wear she was more motivation!
So yesterday I did the elliptical for 20 minutes the bike for 6 miles and the arc trainer for 5 minutes I didn't feel comfortable on it. I felt like my arms and legs were not in sync.
I am going to go back today and try to start couch to 5 k. I am going to do this I know I can find the skinny under my fat!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year New Me!

So my hubby got me a new ipad for the holidays. I plan on using this to update everyone with my meal plan and weightless.
Monday am I will post my weigh in
Daily updates on exercise and meals
I need to find the skinny under my fat! I hope you continue to share in my journey!