Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am not getting on the scale

I did my workouts but AF arrived this week and I feel so bloated....I added Zumba to the mix.....WOW I am just not sure that the world is ready to see a 250 lb woman shaking her botty and chest in public yet LOL. I try but I am just so self concious still that I can't get into it all the way. My girlfriend I take it with jokes with me the entire time. She is the same size as me and she goes to town....she holds nothing back. She said next time we need to do a shot before class....I have class in 2 hours LOL I am not so sure I feel like having a shot of liquor before a class to relax me so I can shimmy shimmy some more :-)

This coming week is going to be planning week. I leave for Florida on Friday the 18th with the kids only. No husband he has to stay home and work....someone has to bring home the money right LOL. My mom is dieting too but she still has snacks in her house and I am sure with the kids coming she will load up on cookies and chips. So my game plan is to go to Aldi by her house and get my 2 pt snacks from Aldi. I love that place the prices are great the produce is out of this world and I get lots of fit and active items cheap and without a lot of weight watchers points HEHE.

I want to make a shopping list and make a food menu plan so I know what I am eating and when. Last time I went I gained but this time she bought a bike and I plan on riding every morning and I am going to run when I am at her house too. She lives in a retirement community Top of the World each building is based on a country too cute! But the little old people are out walking at 5am so hopefully I will meet some new "friends" and maybe find a buddy who wants to walk or run in the am to keep me motivated to get up and go.

I am going to find a gym close to her that I can get a trial membership at. That way during free time we can do the gym thing. I so need to stay in the gym. Every time we go I gained weight this time has to be different.

So the scale....I just refuse to get on it this week. I will weigh in on Thursday before I go to FL. I will weigh again on Thursday of the following week when I am leaving FL hopefully it will go down. Darn scale who invented those anyway? I wish I could be the type that just goes by the size of my clothes.....that isn't happening yet!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to the basics

I had to figure out what worked and what didn't. My weight is going up and down like a damn yo yo so I am doing what I know worked. My trainers all day not to eat like this but it helped me get my weight off in the beginning so I will do it again and hell it worked!

I bought my weight watcher, lean cuisine, and lean michelina's meals. I will do them for lunch and dinner, count my WW points and for snacks have fruit and breakfast cereal. I will add more veggies to the dinners.

I really need to get this weight off. I go to the gym a minimum of 2 hours a day for classes but I haven't really been doing my cardio on the elliptical and treadmill so I am going back to that. I take the following classes:


Intense just like the class says it is running the track, doing the elliptical and treadmill at progressive intensity and at the end we do some hand weights and ab work.

Body Pump weight lifting class

Body Combat a kick boxing class that is new to the gym I am trying it for the first time tomorrow!

Aqua tread and shed where you swim and push to your own max intensity for intervals



Body Pump

Water Zumba


Intense again


Zumba or Step depending on what I feel like

Water Aerobics


TTT this class is 20 min step 20 min weights 20 min ab work

Body Pump

Body Combat

Water Aerobics



Water Aerobics

THANK GOD I have such great kids who love the play area....maybe that is the other way around THANK God for such a great play area and my kids love it! They go for 2 hours in the am and my husband keeps them at night so I can go. But I feel I might need to start going in the early morning like 6am again and do some more cardio like the treadmill or elliptical.

My muscles are starting to show. My legs are kinda scary how you can when I lift up my leg see the muscle and the fat skin hangs is awful. My arms are not a pretty site and I hate it! But I know I can have surgery down the road to lose the bat wings and excess skin.

Here is a pic of me from 2 days ago with my daughter at her preschool graduation. I am in a size 16 dress and I was so happy to put it on!!