Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook 2011 Weight Loss Challenge Group

Hi Everyone!
Join us at the Challenge we will do a monthly challenge on this facebook page. Kinda like the Biggest Loser Challenge. We will have a winner monthly with the highest % of weight loss.

Come on over but please don't mention my blog it is a secret I am not ready to share with the world my weight yet!
Thanks and I hope that you can come on over and join us. Also share with your friends. January's Challenge will have a cut off to join on Dec 31st at midnight.
Each month will be a new challenge.

Let's get healthy and skinny together!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Lost 10% Body Fat!!!!

Well I have been working out doing my usual body pump, spin, intense, and sometimes body combat but I stopped with the bike. I decided today to run 3 miles and after that get on the bike. So I ran today 3 miles got on the bike for 15 miles. I did 18 miles today. I really noticed my legs were different last time I did a big push with the bike so I am hoping that will help me.

But in other news in June I went for a body fat test. It was 50% body fat well I went again this past Friday and I was down to 40% body fat. The trainer said that my body was doing what it needed and the scale was up 4 lbs she said that is normal because muscle weighs more so it is working!!!

I am so excited and can't wait to find the skinny girl under all these layers of fat.
This week will be lots of running, spin, body pump, and riding the stationary bike.
Loving Fall weather!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amazing Running Video MUST SEE!

The above is a link to a guy named Ben's weight loss tips but at the end on page 2 is a video it is a must see and have your music up. Makes me cry everytime I see it.
I hope that you read it and are as inspired as I was.

I ran and I am gonna keep on running! Today 4 more miles!!!! Was suppose to be 5 but who do I think I am Super Woman? LOL

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am getting into this jogging thing

I have a new name for it I am not a runner I am more of a jogger so I am going to say I jog. I dropped the kids in my childcare area at the gym and took off. Just me myself and I and I loved every 52 minutes of it. Yes my friends I ran (jogged) 4 miles in 52 minutes. I was so happy with myself. I really do jog quite a bit more then I thought I could. I challenged myself to jog up the hill not walk...really how much fast is my jog vs. walk I would think LOL

I was running to Kohls in town and back and I was thinking hmmm here I am running to Kohls to one day shop in a smaller day I wanna run and shop hehe! I love listening to music I want to, thinking all by myself, and not having a care in the world.....except looking for critters.

I have been good eating wise today I ate a fiber 1 and for lunch I had a apple and peanut butter. I am going to actually eat a WW lunch after I finish this for a complete lunch. I am not very hungry but know I have to eat.

What activity did you get in today?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Miles RAN...I did it I ran 6 miles

My sock casualty and my pedi needs to be done again!
After the run

Before the run

Ok my friends I did it I ran 6 miles I started around 815 and finished at 10 so a hour and 45 minutes not great but I DID IT.

I started out with my girlfriends who one lost 150 lbs weight loss and diet only in about 2 years, the other is on the verge of 100 she is at 96 lbs gone in 2 years. I am down 80 lbs hoping to catch up to them LOL. In weight loss and running. Because by the half mile mark they were off and I was still struggling. I had my Ipod a flat course and nature to inspire me and well cause a bit of fear to. You see I am petrified of reptiles snakes....lizards......worms....whatever creepy crawly things you can throw at me....a frog whatever! LOL Well this is the American Tobacco Trail and on each side they have swamps on each side. I ran to the half a mile and got to that mile marker and walked. The goal was run a half mile walk 2 mins and run again. Well I was on my own didn't want to meet slimy snake alone and figured the quicker I did this the quicker I could get home. Did I mention I got up on a Sunday morning at 6am for this?

In the book I mentioned earlier she said mile 2 was her hardest. I have to say that was my hardest too. I didn't want to give up, didn't want to walk, and I just wanted to run and enjoy myself. So I did I RAN PEOPLE I RAN for the last 4 miles. I stopped when I went under 1 tunnel, crossed 3 roads, and 3 short bridges over the swampy areas. I would say maybe total that would be a quarter of a mile if that that I walked after mile 2.

I have pictures here for you to see my before and after. It was so much fun. I found when I was like hmmm maybe I should take a break that my other part of my body was saying don't stop if you do you might not start again. I was fearful that it would hurt to much to stop. My body would just cramp up I thought. I was also scared of not finishing until 12 LOL so I had to keep going. My run is more like a fast persons walk and I swear I lost a inch for every mile as my face was so close to the ground from me hunched over running. I know I am suppose to be upright HEHE.

It is a sand trail so I had to stop once to get the sand out of my shoes. I felt like I was running with half of the trail in my left foot LOL. So I wanted to share with you 2 signs I saw on the trail today.

  1. This part of the trail is managed by the NC Parks and Reserve area. Be warned hunting occurs on these premises. (oh really could someone have told the fat chick before she was running about this? Is it dear hunting season? Someone could easily mistake me for a bear. Note to self wear bright pink or yellow next time not dark colors....oh and next time is next Sunday....I will do this trail weekly!)

  2. For the next 300 yards be aware of golf balls! WHAT seriously in this woodsy area and swamp land people golf? Ok great so pick up the pace so you don't get knocked out by a little white ball that so wouldn't be cool! It is only 300 yards run fast like a frozen margarita is waiting for you at yard 301.

I seriously have to thank the 2 signs above, the fellow smiling faces (probably thinking this girl is still running because people saw me 2 times in some cases), the fear of the snakes and reptile friends who made me run and just look down never anywhere else, the 2 creepy guys on the bikes that I swore were trying to jump me, my 2 running friends who inspired me every step on this trail to one day be like them, and most of all to my husbands Ipod.

Drop it like it's hot came on his Ipod of course I was feeling full of myself so I dropped it like I was hot! Imagine the visual people. I was feeling good. I heard my daughters Miley song I can't be one is holding me back anymore I ran 6 miles! I had so much fun by myself this morning running for 6 miles. Hmmm next week maybe I will say I am doing 12 and get to run for 2 and spend 2 hours alone just hanging out in my car by the trail with the doors locked and windows up so no reptiles creep in. Come on people I am a mom of 4 I need a break sometimes.

Oh I have to mention one casualty. My comfy cotton Hanes socks which I have been my friend for so long are bye bye. While running I put a hole in the big toe of my left foot with its cute black pedicure and some of the polish came off grrrr. Runners don't have cute toes do they or tell me the secrets LOL. Whatever the case take this as a warning I hear they have running socks. Invest in them even if they are 35.00 for one pair it is so worth it!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Non Runners Guide to a Marathon for Women

All 200 and something pages read in about 2 hours. Quicker then doing a half marathon for me probably. Well I am happy to report I lost 2.2 lbs when I weighed in yesterday from the day before. Yesterday I had limited time but I ran 3 miles....well ran walked but I did run non stop a half a mile. Yahooooo for me! Haha

But last night we went to a buffet I hate the food its gross why do we go it costs to much for this crap I hate this place.....I can go on and on can you tell. But I love the rolls! So I gave in thinking one bad meal of pizza, nachos, rolls, mashed poatoes and gravy, cheesecake and ice cream something would be better vs my other option of Pizza Hut! So Golden Corral won! My calories who knows who cares one bad meal won't kill me and all day before that I had only 500 cal well 455 to be exact plus I ran 3 miles well ran walked so I had to have taken some of the 455 cal off right?
So I have a goal in the book I read Oprah ran a marathon in 4hrs and 30 min. I wanna do the Princess half in 2 hrs 14 min! LMFAO ;-) yes by 1 minute I wanna beat Oprahs time. Note she did a full I am only tackling a half but she had Bob Greene next to her and hell if you ask me she is Oprah I bet people carried her, drove her, lifted her toes for goodness sake just so she could have such a time. That is a good time right? I mean it sounded like a good time to me and my husband who neither were or ever will be really runners. I am doing this to find the skinny under my fat, a huge life lesson for my kids to show them that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, and well heck most of all I want that 13.1 pink car magnet for the back of my car. The look on peoples faces when they see me driving will be priceless! Honey look that big lady ran a half marathon!!!! I can imagine the convo already! But damn it that magnet will be earned and hopefully the convo will be more like honey that hot chic with the 4 super cute kids behaving so perfectly driving that spotless car ran a half marathon I wanna do that too. Maybe our kids will behave better too!
Have a great day friends! Make it a good one. I am doing a new Body Pump launch this am followed by a Bday party at a pool. But it is rest day (minus Body Pump) cuz tomorrow we hit the trail and do 6 miles my first long distance run! Hey its long to me! Haha

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!!

I am by no means a runner. Well wait a minute let me back up a minute! I haven't posted in so long and I noticed my weight has stayed the same. I saw a segment on GMA that bloggers lose weight because people are holding them accountable! So hold me accountable people!!!!

So I am all about goals. I set a goal to do a 5K....ran it alone 3 days before the actual race Chickened OUT! Didn't do it but went and watched my friends do it.

Diva Dash all womens Triathalon 2 mile run 6 mile bike ride 300 meter swim. I could totally do this chickened out didn't do it!

Well ya know what nothing is standing in my way! I decided hell a Ironman let's try that. I am not crazy people so I said I will do it in 5 days.
112 miles bike ride
26.2 mile run
2.4 mile swim
I swam half a mile a day in 2 hours 7 minutes...I wouldn't have been thrown off the course you get 2 1/2 hours to do the swim! YEA ME!
The bike I did 22.2 miles a day 6 hours 12 min
The running well who the hell are we kidding the walking my ass would have been kicked off the course! 7 hours 33 min
16 Hours!!!! In America you are allowed 17 Hours after that you are pulled off in Japan only 15 I would be pulled of in Japan....but hell here in America too. I broke this up over 5 days doing this all in one day I would be dead but hey I had a great week of working out and I did it!

So onto my next challenge. The Half Marathon in Disney a Princess Half Marathon at that!

I am doing this with friends from all over and plan on making it a weekend of fun. So the goal is to be down 75 lbs by February 25th when we take off for Disney!!!!
Today I am 258 lbs 9-30 and I ran 3.2 miles in 51 minutes.
Mile 1 15.33 min
Mile 2 15:13 min
Mile 3 did 1.2 miles took forever LOL I did it at 3.7 mph on the treadmill.

I am going to update daily and take a picture to document this for you all. Follow me on my journey to the Disney Princess Half Marathon and my journey to find the Skinny Under My Fat!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 36th Bday to Me=Marathon Ride

Well I woke up on the 28th my 36th bday and my best friend called and said let's go ride a marathon 26.2 miles! I said sure why not its my bday I can ride if I want to LOL
I did it in 58min 34 seconds. I had so much fun I just wanted to do it in under a hour!

But that has inspired me to do something else too!

Ironman Triathalon in 5 days. So at the end of August me and my gym friends whoever is brave enough to take it on will do a Ironman Triathalon over 5 days.

5.2 miles a day running
.48 of a mile swimming a day
22.4 miles on a bike riding a day

I am confident that I will be able to do all of it but the running. So we are going to train all summer and find our happy place and do this! LOL
Here is a pic from me on my bday and the time on the bike!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am not getting on the scale

I did my workouts but AF arrived this week and I feel so bloated....I added Zumba to the mix.....WOW I am just not sure that the world is ready to see a 250 lb woman shaking her botty and chest in public yet LOL. I try but I am just so self concious still that I can't get into it all the way. My girlfriend I take it with jokes with me the entire time. She is the same size as me and she goes to town....she holds nothing back. She said next time we need to do a shot before class....I have class in 2 hours LOL I am not so sure I feel like having a shot of liquor before a class to relax me so I can shimmy shimmy some more :-)

This coming week is going to be planning week. I leave for Florida on Friday the 18th with the kids only. No husband he has to stay home and work....someone has to bring home the money right LOL. My mom is dieting too but she still has snacks in her house and I am sure with the kids coming she will load up on cookies and chips. So my game plan is to go to Aldi by her house and get my 2 pt snacks from Aldi. I love that place the prices are great the produce is out of this world and I get lots of fit and active items cheap and without a lot of weight watchers points HEHE.

I want to make a shopping list and make a food menu plan so I know what I am eating and when. Last time I went I gained but this time she bought a bike and I plan on riding every morning and I am going to run when I am at her house too. She lives in a retirement community Top of the World each building is based on a country too cute! But the little old people are out walking at 5am so hopefully I will meet some new "friends" and maybe find a buddy who wants to walk or run in the am to keep me motivated to get up and go.

I am going to find a gym close to her that I can get a trial membership at. That way during free time we can do the gym thing. I so need to stay in the gym. Every time we go I gained weight this time has to be different.

So the scale....I just refuse to get on it this week. I will weigh in on Thursday before I go to FL. I will weigh again on Thursday of the following week when I am leaving FL hopefully it will go down. Darn scale who invented those anyway? I wish I could be the type that just goes by the size of my clothes.....that isn't happening yet!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to the basics

I had to figure out what worked and what didn't. My weight is going up and down like a damn yo yo so I am doing what I know worked. My trainers all day not to eat like this but it helped me get my weight off in the beginning so I will do it again and hell it worked!

I bought my weight watcher, lean cuisine, and lean michelina's meals. I will do them for lunch and dinner, count my WW points and for snacks have fruit and breakfast cereal. I will add more veggies to the dinners.

I really need to get this weight off. I go to the gym a minimum of 2 hours a day for classes but I haven't really been doing my cardio on the elliptical and treadmill so I am going back to that. I take the following classes:


Intense just like the class says it is running the track, doing the elliptical and treadmill at progressive intensity and at the end we do some hand weights and ab work.

Body Pump weight lifting class

Body Combat a kick boxing class that is new to the gym I am trying it for the first time tomorrow!

Aqua tread and shed where you swim and push to your own max intensity for intervals



Body Pump

Water Zumba


Intense again


Zumba or Step depending on what I feel like

Water Aerobics


TTT this class is 20 min step 20 min weights 20 min ab work

Body Pump

Body Combat

Water Aerobics



Water Aerobics

THANK GOD I have such great kids who love the play area....maybe that is the other way around THANK God for such a great play area and my kids love it! They go for 2 hours in the am and my husband keeps them at night so I can go. But I feel I might need to start going in the early morning like 6am again and do some more cardio like the treadmill or elliptical.

My muscles are starting to show. My legs are kinda scary how you can when I lift up my leg see the muscle and the fat skin hangs is awful. My arms are not a pretty site and I hate it! But I know I can have surgery down the road to lose the bat wings and excess skin.

Here is a pic of me from 2 days ago with my daughter at her preschool graduation. I am in a size 16 dress and I was so happy to put it on!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

So Confused??????

Well I have been thinking long and hard about this. What do I need to do to get this weight off? How did I get these 17 lbs back and how can I get them off so I can pick up where I was at 240 and keep going down?
I realized I tried shakes, tried not eating, tried working out non stop and eating just a bit, but what really worked was Weight Watchers. So I decided today to get back to the basics and I am tracking my food and counting points. I did this and it worked before....IT WILL WORK AGAIN. I am eating counting points, and working out in the gym.

I am hoping to get down to a 16 comfortably by my birthday at the end of June. I really want to wear this cute dress I bought for my goal dress for 3.99 LOL at a size 16. My goal to be in a 16 not my ultimate goal of course LOL

My children need to get in on all the fun of my fitness so I am going to sign up my daughter who is 5 for swim lessons so she can get really good at it. She is more of a doggie paddle swimmer at this point. I want her to be comfortable swimming and be able to join the swim team next year. My 2nd oldest daughter is a gymnast practicing 12 hours a week and she goes 3x a week so she gets her activity in. My oldest is a dancer and she goes 2x a week but I think she needs something more so we are going to have her sign up for the Jr. Triathalon program at the gym so she can work on swimming, bike riding, and running and we can do it together. I really think that she would be great at running she has such long legs and she told me she would like to do track....but she has since changed her mind so I am going to tell her she has to do it just one season and if she doesn't like it after that she can stop.

I am finding the skinny under my fat and the rest of my family is finding that working out is not only rewarding it is fun!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am going to TRY a Triathalon

Yep you read it right I am not going to do a full triathalon my gym is doing a modified one.
6 mile swim
15 mile bike ride
3.2 mile run (5K)

It is mid August. This lady at the gym told me about it today and asked me to do it. She said she knew I would be able to do it. I guess they see me in the gym daily they forget I am over 250lbs and they think I am able to do things like them?????? But I am game to try it I don't care if I come in last I want to try it. I am game to try whatever. That is the crazy thing about this gym I feel so motivated by the support around me that I just do it. Today I must have looked like a beached whale doing a reverse plank ( laying on back feet up on exercise ball and butt up high and lifting weights) and people were watching from the outside waiting for the next class. I did it and thought ok if they want to think or say something let them it is my fat ass in the class not them LOL. Before they say anything they should come into the class!

I am going to continue training for the 5K I want to try riding a bike in the gym for 15 miles and see how long it takes and continue on improving my time.

Swimming I do that already and I am pretty quick.....must be because I was swimming by the time I was 6 months I feel like a natural in the water!

Body Pump

Well I started at a new gym with new programs...AND I LOVE IT! I do Body Pump 4x a week I would do it daily but the trainers said that it is overkill and my body needs time to heel. They even think 4x is to much but I do it anyway!

My schedule is like this.
Monday I do a class called Intense it is like it says cardio and weight class.
Tuesday I do Body Pump and Kick Boxing
Wednesday I do spin
Thursday I do Body Pump and a TTT Class 3 20 min segments 1 is weights, 1 is cardio and 1 is abs
Friday I do Spin
Saturday I do Body Pump
Sunday I do Body Pump

I don't take a day off from the gym at this point I still feel the need to go in 7 days a week. I started swimming again and look forward to the outdoor pool opening at the end of the month where I will add in swimming at 5am. I really hate the indoor pool.

I have noticed changes in my body but the weight is in the same 10 lb range. The trainer said that is because I am buiding muscle. I love feeling my arms and legs muscles I never knew I had. I am really starting to feel better about my body and I have confidence that I will find the skinny under my fat!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I tried out for Biggest Loser!!!

I drove up to DC on Friday night with my friend Celia to try out for The Biggest Loser. It was a Open Casting Call. Well we arrived at 130am. Had to switch hotels cuz the one we booked wasn't the way it appeared online, room wasn't the one we requested, and the valet parking was full. So I called another Hotel they got us in and it was wonderful. DoubleTree on Rhode Island Ave it was the best I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in DC. They had a cab ready for me at 6am, brought us towels at 2am, the beds were fabulous, and they let us keep the car in the valet parking area all day if we wanted to so we could sight see and not have to worry about parking even after check out!

Ok so I get up at 5am go down alone Celia and Candace are sleeping in a hour later and will join me. I get in the cab and go the line is already forming about 30 people in front of me. I go in and get a spot. They let us inside at 7am and the line is all out of sorts but I start to wonder do I want to be seen that early they might forget me after a day of interviews.

My friends arrive the staff look at Candace funny she lost 150 lbs last year and they almost don't let her in the room. I tell them give her a ticket (you got tickets to go into the room) I said she is trying out. They gave her a dirty look and gave her a ticket. So we are in and the room is filled with big people. I actually felt small. The seats were together and they were complaining that they had open seats to move next to each other. Well finally a guy yells I am big I take up 2 seats. The staff at the convention said finally get it the biggest loser has big people we need to take the seats apart. So they go row by row and tell us move the seats apart and we have room and are comfy. They turn up the a/c everyone is freezing it was awful. We get started at 10am I am done by 1130.

They call you back in groups of 10 to meet 1 of 2 casting directors. He asks for your photo your app and to tell him your name, age, how much you want to lose and what you do.
I said my name, 35, 140 lbs and I am a Domestic Goddess and raise my 4 amazing children.
He said we have 5 minutes for 10 people so I will ask 2 questions. You speak out and tell me your thoughts on the matter. Not to yell over people but get your points across if you can. If not send in a video if you felt your voice was not heard.

What type of discrimination have you felt from being overweight?
What is it like dealing with the public being fat?

I could barely get a word in edgewise! It was crazy but I did sit right next to the casting director and spoke directly to him. Our group at that point was the only one that they told had a call back in the group. He said I have one person from this group getting a call back and possibly a 2nd. Well they never look at your application or pic so how does he get to know what he wants in a 5 min interview with 10 people? He said I have been doing this a long time I know what we are looking for. So I haven't gotten a call yet but I am holding out hope. It was yesterday when I went so we shall see.

I was sitting by a guy who got a call back last year and wasn't picked. He said they get you to do a background investigation they interview you again and if you pass that you are flown to CA. They video you for the interviews too so they can see your tv presence.

If I don't get picked that is fine at least I went and experienced it.
If you have a casting call by you I suggest trying it out it was a lot of fun and the Casting Director was a cutie LOL.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have been defeated.....

I haven't really posted much because who wants to admit defeat? Who wants to say yep I am a big old failure? But I am going to say it. I failed at this dieting thing for the last 3 months. No need to make up excuses. Mornings when I should have had my butt out of bed I decided it was to cold sleep in or do a work out at home. No where near the intensity I would do in the gym! Or eating things and saying day after day ok I will start tomorrow. I don't have time to say TOMORROW. I need to get going again before all this weight I got off finds it way back to me. I am at 260 back in my 18's and they are tight as can be but I got rid of the 20's and I refuse to buy more. So mushroom top it will be until I get some weight off!

I think back on why I did this and I try to place blame. My husband brings crap into the house, my mom was here and I ate all her comfort foods, I get a snack and think it is only one snack it won't kill me....well sadly it won't kill me the second I eat it but it is slowly killing me. Slowly taking minutes off my life. My family doesn't force the food in my mouth they don't hold a gun to my head I control what goes in my mouth....MYSELF it is me. I need to love myself enough to know it is ok to say no and that FOOD IS FUEL. I need to find new ways to treat myself. I don't need to eat a Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cup to feel better about something I did.

As I try to find the skinny under my fat I am going to admit this will be a longer road than I expected. But slowly and most definetly SURELY I WILL FIND THE SKINNY UNDER MY FAT!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joined WW Again!!!

I was so upset with my recent weight gain that I went back to WW on Jan 20th and I was up 17 lbs from when I last went! OMG in that amount of time almost 20 lbs.....HELLO time to get your butt back in gear. I was at 258 and I got back in the gym daily and counting my points. I am down to 251 in 4 days. I am sure it is water weight and I am also drinking 120 oz of water a day.

I am on a journey to find the skinny under my fat. I had a set back. I tried to take a easier way out with diet pills...that didn't get me anywhere. I see that it will be buring more calories and eating less that is how it will come off and stay off. I got back into my 18's sadly but lat night I was able to get my 16's back on too! TIGHT but hey I got them zippered. I am praying I get back to the 241 on the scale quickly so I can say hello 230's but don't stay to long!

Thanks for sharing in my journey of finding the skinny under my fat!