Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Miles RAN...I did it I ran 6 miles

My sock casualty and my pedi needs to be done again!
After the run

Before the run

Ok my friends I did it I ran 6 miles I started around 815 and finished at 10 so a hour and 45 minutes not great but I DID IT.

I started out with my girlfriends who one lost 150 lbs weight loss and diet only in about 2 years, the other is on the verge of 100 she is at 96 lbs gone in 2 years. I am down 80 lbs hoping to catch up to them LOL. In weight loss and running. Because by the half mile mark they were off and I was still struggling. I had my Ipod a flat course and nature to inspire me and well cause a bit of fear to. You see I am petrified of reptiles snakes....lizards......worms....whatever creepy crawly things you can throw at me....a frog whatever! LOL Well this is the American Tobacco Trail and on each side they have swamps on each side. I ran to the half a mile and got to that mile marker and walked. The goal was run a half mile walk 2 mins and run again. Well I was on my own didn't want to meet slimy snake alone and figured the quicker I did this the quicker I could get home. Did I mention I got up on a Sunday morning at 6am for this?

In the book I mentioned earlier she said mile 2 was her hardest. I have to say that was my hardest too. I didn't want to give up, didn't want to walk, and I just wanted to run and enjoy myself. So I did I RAN PEOPLE I RAN for the last 4 miles. I stopped when I went under 1 tunnel, crossed 3 roads, and 3 short bridges over the swampy areas. I would say maybe total that would be a quarter of a mile if that that I walked after mile 2.

I have pictures here for you to see my before and after. It was so much fun. I found when I was like hmmm maybe I should take a break that my other part of my body was saying don't stop if you do you might not start again. I was fearful that it would hurt to much to stop. My body would just cramp up I thought. I was also scared of not finishing until 12 LOL so I had to keep going. My run is more like a fast persons walk and I swear I lost a inch for every mile as my face was so close to the ground from me hunched over running. I know I am suppose to be upright HEHE.

It is a sand trail so I had to stop once to get the sand out of my shoes. I felt like I was running with half of the trail in my left foot LOL. So I wanted to share with you 2 signs I saw on the trail today.

  1. This part of the trail is managed by the NC Parks and Reserve area. Be warned hunting occurs on these premises. (oh really could someone have told the fat chick before she was running about this? Is it dear hunting season? Someone could easily mistake me for a bear. Note to self wear bright pink or yellow next time not dark colors....oh and next time is next Sunday....I will do this trail weekly!)

  2. For the next 300 yards be aware of golf balls! WHAT seriously in this woodsy area and swamp land people golf? Ok great so pick up the pace so you don't get knocked out by a little white ball that so wouldn't be cool! It is only 300 yards run fast like a frozen margarita is waiting for you at yard 301.

I seriously have to thank the 2 signs above, the fellow smiling faces (probably thinking this girl is still running because people saw me 2 times in some cases), the fear of the snakes and reptile friends who made me run and just look down never anywhere else, the 2 creepy guys on the bikes that I swore were trying to jump me, my 2 running friends who inspired me every step on this trail to one day be like them, and most of all to my husbands Ipod.

Drop it like it's hot came on his Ipod of course I was feeling full of myself so I dropped it like I was hot! Imagine the visual people. I was feeling good. I heard my daughters Miley song I can't be one is holding me back anymore I ran 6 miles! I had so much fun by myself this morning running for 6 miles. Hmmm next week maybe I will say I am doing 12 and get to run for 2 and spend 2 hours alone just hanging out in my car by the trail with the doors locked and windows up so no reptiles creep in. Come on people I am a mom of 4 I need a break sometimes.

Oh I have to mention one casualty. My comfy cotton Hanes socks which I have been my friend for so long are bye bye. While running I put a hole in the big toe of my left foot with its cute black pedicure and some of the polish came off grrrr. Runners don't have cute toes do they or tell me the secrets LOL. Whatever the case take this as a warning I hear they have running socks. Invest in them even if they are 35.00 for one pair it is so worth it!


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