Saturday, October 2, 2010

Non Runners Guide to a Marathon for Women

All 200 and something pages read in about 2 hours. Quicker then doing a half marathon for me probably. Well I am happy to report I lost 2.2 lbs when I weighed in yesterday from the day before. Yesterday I had limited time but I ran 3 miles....well ran walked but I did run non stop a half a mile. Yahooooo for me! Haha

But last night we went to a buffet I hate the food its gross why do we go it costs to much for this crap I hate this place.....I can go on and on can you tell. But I love the rolls! So I gave in thinking one bad meal of pizza, nachos, rolls, mashed poatoes and gravy, cheesecake and ice cream something would be better vs my other option of Pizza Hut! So Golden Corral won! My calories who knows who cares one bad meal won't kill me and all day before that I had only 500 cal well 455 to be exact plus I ran 3 miles well ran walked so I had to have taken some of the 455 cal off right?
So I have a goal in the book I read Oprah ran a marathon in 4hrs and 30 min. I wanna do the Princess half in 2 hrs 14 min! LMFAO ;-) yes by 1 minute I wanna beat Oprahs time. Note she did a full I am only tackling a half but she had Bob Greene next to her and hell if you ask me she is Oprah I bet people carried her, drove her, lifted her toes for goodness sake just so she could have such a time. That is a good time right? I mean it sounded like a good time to me and my husband who neither were or ever will be really runners. I am doing this to find the skinny under my fat, a huge life lesson for my kids to show them that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, and well heck most of all I want that 13.1 pink car magnet for the back of my car. The look on peoples faces when they see me driving will be priceless! Honey look that big lady ran a half marathon!!!! I can imagine the convo already! But damn it that magnet will be earned and hopefully the convo will be more like honey that hot chic with the 4 super cute kids behaving so perfectly driving that spotless car ran a half marathon I wanna do that too. Maybe our kids will behave better too!
Have a great day friends! Make it a good one. I am doing a new Body Pump launch this am followed by a Bday party at a pool. But it is rest day (minus Body Pump) cuz tomorrow we hit the trail and do 6 miles my first long distance run! Hey its long to me! Haha

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Cami Ostman said...

Good job, Michelle. I wrote a whole long comment and it disappeared. I stumbled on your blog and wanted to say I'm cheering for you. You don't have to be fast to do it. I'm slow and steady when I run. Keep up the good work. - Cami Ostman