Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surgery Prep I Hope!!!!!

So it is April 21, 2012 and I am on day 4 of my self impossed liquid diet. I am fearing that the GP won't approve me for the RNY this is my last appt I have and the insurance paper work can be submitted. April 27th they will submit the paperwork! You see month 1 I gained a lb on her diet. Month 2 I stayed the same but she saw changes in my body shape so she said do more cardio less weights. Month 3 I want to be down at least 10 lbs. Ugh I am trying. I am working out at the gym and following this liquid diet and I don't want to jinx it but my pants are feeling bigger and my tee shirt I am wearing at the moment doesn't require the good old pull it on and stretch it out around my belly today. LOL That is a plus and makes me hopeful I lost something. Hell with all the peeing I am doing I had to have lost something for the love of God!

My husband is off May 2-9 and my mom comes the 10-23 so we are hoping and praying my surgery will be in those dates. My patient rep said I could technically have surgery the last day of April if the paper work comes back. I have read the surgeon's paperwork and he doesn't seem to have a liquid diet before surgery just 1 day before clear liquids. But I am doing it anyway SHRINK LIVER SHRINK! I would be so mad if I had surgery and found out I had issues because of a swollen liver! My daughters have a dance recital on the 19-20 of the month so I really want to go to those. I am hoping I would have been out of the surgery by this point and at home and safely on the losers bench!

I have started a new cross addition but this one is fun. We don't have tons of excess money for a new wardrobe so I online shop well dream LOL. I have a closet full of 20-16 clothes so that should last me over the summer I would think and I will buy items at good will and on clearance for Fall and Winter. Plus I have some amazing weight loss friends who pass along clothes to me when they get to be to big so hopefully they will keep losing and I might get a few pieces from them or heck even be able to share while I shrink.  So what I do is I save the pics to my PC and I have my husband look at them and tell me if he likes them. I actually will be able to dress cute for my husband and hopefully get some compliments along the way. He doesn't say much so hopefully I will knock his socks off and he will tell me how damn good I look LMAO.....he better!

Working out scares me after surgery so I am trying to get as much working out in that I can to start off in a better negative. I thought I would be able to do the treadmill a lot but it seems that it is better to walk on a non moving surface. So pounding the pavement it will be but it gets so damn hot here in NC I am going to have to go at 6am when I get in from work before the sun comes all the way up. I really want to be able to do a marathon in January. I want to do the Disney 20th anniversary marathon. I ran a half at 250 I figure if I can get to the 180's I will be comfy enough to do it. I know I can do it.

Tomorrow I think that I am going to get some boxes and box up my clothes well throw out the winter ones into the goodwill pile we have going in our garage. It is a two car garage we are lucky we can fit my little car I do the papers in into the garage. No way would 2 cars ever fit in our garage. The garage needs a diet too! LOL

Slowly but surely I am finding the damn skinny goddess under my fat! She is coming out and the world better watch out. Click on this for your listening pleasure! LOL

I'm Coming Out all right....for your listening pleasure!