Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joined WW Again!!!

I was so upset with my recent weight gain that I went back to WW on Jan 20th and I was up 17 lbs from when I last went! OMG in that amount of time almost 20 lbs.....HELLO time to get your butt back in gear. I was at 258 and I got back in the gym daily and counting my points. I am down to 251 in 4 days. I am sure it is water weight and I am also drinking 120 oz of water a day.

I am on a journey to find the skinny under my fat. I had a set back. I tried to take a easier way out with diet pills...that didn't get me anywhere. I see that it will be buring more calories and eating less that is how it will come off and stay off. I got back into my 18's sadly but lat night I was able to get my 16's back on too! TIGHT but hey I got them zippered. I am praying I get back to the 241 on the scale quickly so I can say hello 230's but don't stay to long!

Thanks for sharing in my journey of finding the skinny under my fat!


Ida said...

I think winter is the hardest time for all of us to stay on the weight loss plan we have chosen. I know that is true for me anyway. Good job on realizing what you needed to do and doing it.

Lisa said...

good job going back!

- Lisa

sarah said...

Welcome back!!

Stephanie said...

Good luck! Just be sure you are eating nutrient dense foods that satisfy you!
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Brooke said...

It is nice to see you again. And congratulations for being honest and getting back into the game. It's never easy to admit to a gain. I commend you on your strength. Welcome back.

Katherine said...

Totally awesome that you went back to weight watchers, keep on going strong and never ever give up.

denise said...

Weight Watchers didn't work for me, it kind of made me obsessive. I'm all about easy and fun....I don't have much will-power.

The way I lost weight - almost 10kgs so far and counting is by eating real, fresh food wherever possible. For me that was a salad with EVERY meal, fruit for snacks and then making fresh juices with my blender and juicer.

I didn't put ANYTHNG off limits, but as I started putting healthy stuff in, then the ratio changed naturally overtime - I was eating McDonald's and Pizza Hut pretty obsessively before, now I don't even think of it.

You might like Angela Stokes site - her story is incredibly inspiring, she lost 200 lbs from eating raw food.

I've lost nowhere near Angela - but I feel pretty fab now too.

Really good luck!