Friday, May 7, 2010

So Confused??????

Well I have been thinking long and hard about this. What do I need to do to get this weight off? How did I get these 17 lbs back and how can I get them off so I can pick up where I was at 240 and keep going down?
I realized I tried shakes, tried not eating, tried working out non stop and eating just a bit, but what really worked was Weight Watchers. So I decided today to get back to the basics and I am tracking my food and counting points. I did this and it worked before....IT WILL WORK AGAIN. I am eating counting points, and working out in the gym.

I am hoping to get down to a 16 comfortably by my birthday at the end of June. I really want to wear this cute dress I bought for my goal dress for 3.99 LOL at a size 16. My goal to be in a 16 not my ultimate goal of course LOL

My children need to get in on all the fun of my fitness so I am going to sign up my daughter who is 5 for swim lessons so she can get really good at it. She is more of a doggie paddle swimmer at this point. I want her to be comfortable swimming and be able to join the swim team next year. My 2nd oldest daughter is a gymnast practicing 12 hours a week and she goes 3x a week so she gets her activity in. My oldest is a dancer and she goes 2x a week but I think she needs something more so we are going to have her sign up for the Jr. Triathalon program at the gym so she can work on swimming, bike riding, and running and we can do it together. I really think that she would be great at running she has such long legs and she told me she would like to do track....but she has since changed her mind so I am going to tell her she has to do it just one season and if she doesn't like it after that she can stop.

I am finding the skinny under my fat and the rest of my family is finding that working out is not only rewarding it is fun!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi I just recently found your blog and I have to say you are truely inspirational and I am so proud of what you have achieved. Work it girl! x