Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Zip My Mouth Shut!

Seriously I have some major issues. I don't feel like working out anymore. I am eating whatever I want. I got WW meals to eat for the week lunch and dinner.....guess what my 4 kids just ate 4 WW meals! I just dont know what is wrong with my mindset at the moment. I am going to the gym with my friend tomorrow she will hold me accountable. I need to do this with people I can't do this alone I know I can't.
I have a 115 appt on Wednesday with a gastric bypass dr. I can't believe I even made the appt. but I am going to see what options they have and maybe meet with a nutritionist to figure this weight loss out! Well not in my case weight loss but weight gain or weight staying the same.
I used to be so excited about this what is wrong with me??????

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