Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just some stuff

Ok seriously what the hell is wrong with my body? How do I not lose weight? What can I do at the gym to mix it up? The only machine left that I don't do is the stairmaster which I will try to do tonight when I go back. I went this morning and did
Treadmill 30 minutes alternating running 2 min walking 2 min
Elliptical for 10 minutes
Bike for 20 minutes
I burned 500 calories according to the machines so tonight I am going to go back and do it all over again so I can burn 1000 calories a day that is my goal.

But ok add the stairmaster in. What will that do to mix it up? I do the weights during the week Mon, Wed, Fri and I do a leg machine well 2 leg machines, one for the butt, and 1 for the arms/upper body. I haven't started walking yet with weights in my hands maybe I should do that.

I am mixing up my food this week too. I really am getting fed up being in the same range for the last 6 months. I have been in the 250's to low 260's ENOUGH ALREADY!

Any ideas what else I can do? We are going to get the pool up and running hopefully this month so I will also do my water aerobics during the day and also swim some laps so maybe that will help. I just need something not sure what it is but this 250 weight range is for the birds!

HELP ME ANYONE LOL I am welcome to all suggestion.


sarah said...

Are you eating enough? With all the exercise you're getting in, don't forget to EAT!

hayngrl101 said...

... and sleep!! Don't forget the sleep part. Have you ever visited "gettinshrunk"? She has talked about a wendie plan that she incorporated with WW... she had fantastic results and i've heard a lot of folks that plateau and swear by the wendie plan. I don't know much about it, but it has to do with working your points... like mixing up the numbers but I don't know how...

Ida said...

Eating enough is key. Also be sure to drink plenty of water. And be assured, this too shall pass. (oh, and remember, muscle weighs more than fat!)