Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got a Stomach Bug lost 12 lbs!!!!! YIPPEE

But 3 came back in 1 day LOL. OK so tomorrow is my 1st day back at WW since we got back from Disney. I am hoping to be down but ok with whatever the scale says. So this past week I had my family in from NJ for my kids baptisms and 1st Communion for my oldest DD.

It was a crazy week and I put on weight after the stomach bug went away. But I told myself today ok Michelle get back in the saddle realize how close you are to being at 65 lbs gone forever! So I have a goal for May of being at 247 so I can get my 50 lb weight charm at WW and before I joined I lost 15 lbs so I will be down 65 lbs. It has taken so much longer than I expected. I really thought I would be near my goal at this point. So 34 years it took to get this fat....if I can cut it down to say 3 years to get to my goal I will be sad but know in my mind that realistically losing 150+ lbs in 1 year 2 years is hard 3 years probably a more realistic goal. In my heart I am saying how did I ever get this way and why won't it come off as easy as it comes on?????

I am doing a 5K in June and I am starting to train for it doing the couch to 5K. It should be fun I am doing it with some girlfriends and we plan to walk run walk run and than run into my friends pool LOL.

Here is a pic of me and my family from this weekend. That is a size XL jacket from the regular side as well as 18 paints and XL top from the regular size as well.


Food Coma said...

Just had to say it...You look freakin great!! LOVE the outfit!

Ida said...

You have a lovely family. I bet that couch to 5K plan will take some of that weight for sure. Good luck. I's great that you have people to do it with. You can do it if anyone can!

carla said...

you look GREAT and have such a beautiful family.
which is, in my opinion, why you can DO IT BY MAY!

Do it for you.
Do it to be around for them.
Do it to get that freakin CHARM :)