Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Month I want

I really want to get my 50 lb charm at WW that would put me down 65 total. I think that I can do it. I am going to the gym M-F and doing the dvd at home and walking the walking trail during the weekends....the gym hours don't work for me during the weekend with my kids. They don't have daycare and they close at 5 on Sat and Erik is working and Sunday they are closed...but hey what can you expect for 10.00 a month.

These charms are huge motivators for me....even though my charms seem to fall off all the time but thankfully I have found them all but my 16 week clapping hands charm I lost.

Plus if I get down 65 pounds people really better be able to notice!
So if I lose 14 more lbs I will get my 50 lb charm
If I lose 19 more lbs this month I will reach my 2nd 10% goal this month!

October-November were such let downs for me. I can't let it happen. I deserve this I deserve more for my life than this fat on my bones cause I really am Skinny Under My Fat.

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