Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ok Starbucks I drove thru and said to my self I love the caramel frappachinno so let me get a small one. I was thrilled to see they offer light I say ok Michelle you are on a diet get a light not thinking what that meant. I failed to mention my favorite part is the whipped cream with the caramel drizzled all over it. Not the coffee itself heck I don't really like coffee all that much Hot never iced ok frozen you got me! The nice young man hands me my drink after taking my money and I see a small cup with frozen coffee no whipped cream, no caramel....STOP THE INSANITY MAN STOP IT give me my whipped cream make it swirl out of the little hole on the top so I can lick it off....give me my caramel dripping down off the cup so I just have to lick my fingers. I mumble under my breath no whipped cream damn it and my 8 year old says what mom? I said nothing....mommy is just on a diet and I can't have whipped cream or messy caramel on my drinks anymore. I was feeling sad, proud that I didn't say to that nice young man screw it throw some whipped cream on this and caramel and why you are at it make it a Venti (large) and tell me the total. I drove home drinking it slowly (it took me 6 minutes to inhale it) yes I did actually time it and I went to and thinking I was drinking a 8 point drink found out it was a 3 point drink and I smiled.
Smiled for the loaded ones I drank before....smiled that after inhaling it I didn't really miss the whipped cream that much....and smiled most of all that my daughter heard my disappointment in no whipped cream or caramel but still saw me enjoy that drink and know that sometimes you don't need the whole shabang.
Oh and will I be gong back for a $3.72 drink that is 3 points anytime soon...ummm NO! I could have had a whole wheat english muffin and my smart ease spread and still had a point.....a whole hell of a lot filling than that drink!

Goodbye Starbucks I really don't think I will be missing you! Light or not you just are not worth it!
I am skinny under my fat and your products are not keeping my wallet fat, but my waist only so good bye....


mother of 5 said...

You are awesome!

Bee said...

That was an awesome post. Good for you!

Kud said...

I love the 'tude!

DivaOnaDiet said...

I wish I could be sooo disciplined, i gave into some donuts lastnight - 4 of them :(
its ok though its only the 2nd time i cheated all month so im going to the gym and try to burn atleast 700 calories

CJ said...

WTG~ Your strength was amazing. Starbucks....big weakness for me! LOL