Saturday, January 10, 2009

Team Angie! Biggest Loser

So I have been assigned to Team Angie! GO TEAM ANGIE!!! We are going to be the bunch of biggest losers anyone has ever met ;-)

I sent out a picture to some friends today and they were shocked at how much I have lost. It felt good for them to see me and notice the change. People don't really notice yet it is just my close friends who see me all the time and know what I am doing that say something. I have had a few people say things that don't know me well but I want the teachers in my kids school to say something or a neighbor LOL.

Yet again another day on point. I have really gotten it down where I know what my points are and plan the day and I check off what I eat...I had to admit I even had a hershey special dark chocolate bar yesterday with my kids. The 3 of us split it and it was so good and only 3 points!
I am very excited about this weight loss. I feel that this time it is really going to work. I want to be the biggest loser. I hope at the end of this that I will be comfortable enough in my skin to say to my friends I am xxx amount of weight. My friend waited until she was 199 to tell us not that it has to be known but I agree with the diet tribe it is freeing to say it. I tell my mom and I love saying it 313 to 258 not to shabby right. She just laughs at me and says it is wonderful!

I am shopping and NewYork and Co LOL never thought I would do that but it is the 5.99 sale and I am purchasing things for this summer that I can wear. I figure if I am a XL top at the moment if I buy large I will be good to go for summer. Worst case it will be big best case it will be just right....IT WON'T BE TO SMALL cause I am finding the skinny under my fat!


TJ said...

It wasn't until I lost 40# that most people started noticing. I was like, 'Come on people!' :)

I too buy smaller clothes for an incentive to keep losing. Right now, I buying sizes 14-16 and Large. Can't wait for them to fit just right.

Losing Myself said...

I knw what you mean. It is important for people to notice our weight loss. I am always s thrilled when someone unexpected notices.

Guess buying smaller clothes is something we all do...

Keep up the good work