Thursday, January 29, 2009


As opposed to finding the things I hate about myself here is a list of the things I love about myself.

I love that my breasts have worked to feed my four for 2 1/2 years alone.
I love that I was able to bear my children without any meds because I listened to the pain and didn't fight it I just rode it out.
I love that my hair is naturally curly and people often comment they wish they had hair like me.
I love my brown eyes when I have makeup on....and even when it is not.
I love that even when I am skinny I will have a body that is like bam bam bam LOL (I just imagine when I was younger and boys would do that to girls as they walked by talking about boobs, waist and her ass LOL)
I love that I am a trusted friend to many.
I love that I am a spur of the moment type of person who if you asked me today to fly off to another country I would go as long as my kids were cared for or I could bring them. Life is a journey why stay in one destination.....we have a whole planet to explore.
I love when how I sing and dance with my kids like no one in the world can hear or see us.
I love and will honor my body....I get a oil change for my car every 3000 miles, I get a physical every year but I don't really take care of my body I love that these last 6 months I have given my body the credit it deserves and the care it demands.
I love that all the women in the world my husband picked me...even when I was a plus size.
I love the fearless woman I am becoming knowing that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
I love the way sweating has become ok to me rather than disgusting.
I love the pain I get in my legs after a good workout....but it is even better when doing the same workout and the pain doesn't come back anymore cause I am in better shape.

I am in love with me I love me enough to want to take care of myself. I love myself and my children to much to live this life just passing me by. I owe it to them I brought them into this world and I never want to leave my family before my time.
Peace & Love my friends,


antgirl said...

That's a beautiful list. That's something we all should do more often. :)

karen said...

I love that you did this!!! It's given me a LOT to think about!

carla said...

I LOVE....

this post.

seriously. I HOPE you printed and posted it.
I know I would have slapped it on my gratitude board.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful human being !

the new sarah sundae said...

This is a great list.

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful post. I think this is something that all of us should do! It is so often easier to list all our faults, then really list the wonderful things about ourselves. Thank you for sharing your list with us.

Kud said...

I'll tell you something I love. I love this post. And I think i'll print it out and use it as an anthem for my soul too!

Me, Only Better said...

I love it! You rock!

karla said...

i was browsing the net of what to wear to the Biggest loser Asia auditions this weekend and i saw your blog. i know the Lord led me here to be inspired by such a dedicated person like you. you are lucky, you know, i'm scared i won't have a husband or a family of my own because i am fat. im 22 now and i weigh 259 lbs. never had a boyfriend. in our culture, no one would like me for a wife. reading your blog, makes me think too of what i love and those i should appreciate. i hope i will also have the same determination as yours. congratulations and goodluck to your weight losing journey. Thank you for sharing that journey on line =) -Karla, Filipino