Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 lbs GONE!!! HELLO 250's!!!!

I did it I lost 4 lbs this past week. I was asked how I did it at my meeting and I did it by tracking everything that went into my mouth, I worked my butt off in the gym, and I ate my points. I don't use my work out points though and the leader said that is fine. My workout I gain 13 points I am in no way going to eat those!

Dani left me a message...THANK YOU to everyone who has left me said here's to writing a new ending....that is perfect I am writing a new my journey with my weight. I am saying goodbye to this weight and hello to the skinny Michelle under my fat. I was on the treadmill last night and I try to make my strides really long and move my arms (learned that from Jillian LOL the more you move the more you are working out) so my feet kept coming close to hitting the front platform thing on the treadmill. So I upped the speed to 3.9 and it was hard I wanted to walk for a bit at a fast pace and all the while I was stomping away saying in my head I will look hot in a bathing suit! I will look hot in a bathing suit!

It might not be this year but maybe the following summer I will be comfortable in a swimsuit. My husband is so proud of me....he did say to me see I told you that you can lose 20 lbs this month just do what you have been doing...he is my biggest fan along with my mom of course.

So hello 250's I weighed in at 258 I love saying I was 313 lbs and I weight 258 in just 6 months. Mind you I only say it to my husband and mother I don't dare let anyone know I weigh 258 lbs except my "blogging buddies" here. I hope the 250's don't stay around much long they have 2 weeks and than I want them GONE! My goal is to make my 50 lb mark in WW this month that is only 10 more pounds I know I can do it. I will over once I achieve that be down 65 lbs. Hopefully down another size into 16's too!

I am going to take some pics this afternoon and also update my measurements!
Not only am I skinny under my fat.....I will be the biggest loser! HAHA
Game On friends Game On!!!


Janna said...

Congrats Michelle! Keep up the great work!

Me, Only Better said...

You go girl!!


Baby Sis said...

Way to go that is amazing in one week! Doesn't it feel amazing to have that payoff of all your work!? Keep it up, I mean off!:-)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Amazing week !! GO TEAM ANGIE !!!!