Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow days-Friends/Blogs

The kids have been off since Saturday. First we had MLK day than the last 2 days snow days. My kids are my weakness they eat I want to eat. I have been eating bad the last 5 days. ughhh
I even ate 14 points of pasta last night! But I stayed within my points range for the day but after I ate it I was so tired I went to sleep on the couch for a bit....that is what my life was like eating to much for dinner going to bed early....that is NOT the new me.

I have been on point today but eating the right foods. I am trying right.
My kids want to go play in the snow but I don't want to let them because the clean up sucks! I hate the snow all over the floor when they come in, I hate how they are saying they are not really cold but they are shivering. I hate that I don't let them love the snow I did growing up in NJ when we got snow all the time. But here I go in a few minutes putting those snow suits back on again and letting them run around in the snow.

Do you let your family/Friends see your blog? I come here post my weight, personal issues and I know people in my inner circle are aware of my blog but I never told them the site. I guess I just need a part of me to be private just me and my thoughts....and you all of course reading it my blogging buddies LOL. I guess I have always said to myself when I get to 199 I will let people read my blog that I know so they can see the struggle that I overcame. They can see everything I went thru.

I am off to let my little ones run around in the snow! Wish me luck that the house doesn't get to wrecked!


hayngrl101 said...

I have a newsy updatey blog that I allow family and friends to see. My chubby blog about my weight and losing weight is totally on the DL and my hub is the only one who knows about it. I even posted before pics on my chubby blog, but would freak if I knew my skinny siblings could see that blog... as far as they know, I only have one blog. :)

Jess' s Food Coma said...

I personally am private because I didn't want to worry about censoring my feelings. I feel like I would be afraid that someone would make a joking comment and the security of my blog would be broken. Make sense?

Me, Only Better said...

I don't share my blog with friends or family either.

Sarah said...

I let my best friend and sister know the site, they don't read it though. They both have struggled with weight issues so that is why I shared it. My mom knows I blog but I didn't share the site with her.

I don't share it with any other friends or family because I too feel its an outlet for weightloss and not something I'd necessarily want to share with someone I see all the time.

Anonymous said...

A-Team teammate stopping by to say hi:)

I'm an open book :) My family knows but no one gets on. We are a big group and I'm starting to think some are a little unhappy with how well I'm doing :(

Hope you have a great week.


Graciela said...

I don't share my blog with anyone I know. For me, the blog is a place to br honest about my feelings... including negative feelings such as frustration, anger, sadness, whatever. Sometimes members of my family are the source of those feelings. So, I don't necessarily reading some of those things.

Kud said...

I am an open book to most people and so my issues with life are well known.but both my little brother and boyfriend have read my blog and are generally ok with what i have to say about them. that's so far. I know they wont' be regular visitors and probably only read it when i bring attention to it.

Losing Myself said...

My family all know about my blog and at least one sister is a regular reader. My friends know about it, but I don't think they read it. I don't try to hide it from any one, but I don't necessarily publicize it either. If I write something they don't like, well I'm sorry, they can stop reading it.

Jen said...

I agree, I don't know if I would want family or close personal friends to see my blog. Too private -lol