Monday, January 12, 2009

Not feeling so great today

Ok so yesterday Erik went to a friends to help him hook up his Wii and I stayed home he asked me to finish cleaning....I didn't and I came online of other addiction is the net LOL. So anyway about 3 hours later his friend calls and says we are on our way! I said NO my house is a wreck I have not showered give me a hour. Me and the kids ran around cleaning it must have been commical. Well they brought Chinese food I don't eat Chinese so I was good. But Erik he brought home 3 pizzas, a cake, cupcakes, 2 gallons of ice cream, 4 bottles of soda, 3 bags of chips and 1 of pretzels. OMG are you kidding me....mind you all of us are doing WW but one other couple. In all we had 3 families here 12 of us total. I ate 2 slices of pizza had a cupcake and a little bit of ice cream and a sliver of cake...oh and chips and pretzels but stuck to my crystal light and had 1 cup of diet dr. pepper.

I just felt like crap eating that but seriously the points were less than 35 so I ate my 35 points for the week but I got worried. What do I do when I get to my goal can I not eat a slice of cake or have a cupcake and not feel bad. Do you ever see skinny people pigging out on food and say why can't I do that and not get fat? I asked a friend in my DD's dance class how she stays so skinny she is always talking about pastries bakeries pizza places food in general. I said honestly what do you do take a bite and move on? She said no. I asked how do you stay skinny you said you hate to work out she said well actually I have a throid condition I can't gain weight....I so want that condition I told her. She said no not actually I go for a yearly check to see if it is cancer it isn't fun. I guess this is a life long battle that will not be won when I get to goal....I am just sad because I am losing a great never lets me down....I am lucky that we are blessed enough to have more than I need of it....and even when my day feels like crap something sweet will make me feel better for a moment. Food is no longer my is a distant long lost love that I will only use to keep me going for fuel not what my life revolves around.

Go Team Angie....we are going to kick ass!


Sarah said...

I am so addicted to the computer! Its awful. Your story is funny running around cleaning at the last minute.

Oh so much temptation! You did well, way to go on counting the points.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. on breastfeeding, my second baby got a cold at 3 weeks old. It was hard but she really has done well once starting daycare and still nursing. My first was sick about once a week. My second gets colds and such but not as bad as my first did.

karen said...

It's so hard to go from "food is my friend" to "food is my fuel," isn't it? We'll get there, though. One day we'll be faced with cake and ice cream and say "sure, I'll have a little" without mentally trying to figure out how many crunches we should do or miles we should run in order to get rid of it. Granted, that day may not come until we're too old to do crunches or run .... but we'll get there! :)

Rebecca said...

Just let the junk food be in the past and look forward to the healthy great food you will eat tomorrow and the next day! It's good that you stayed within your points.

We need your loss for Team Angie! Keep up the good work :)

Jess' s Food Coma said...

You know what, you ate, you counted the points, and you moved on. Trust me the moving on part is the hardest. At least it didn't snowball into a full out week long, I already screwed up I might as well eat everything in my sight and more. Those are tough.

Kiki said...

You sound like me. Addicted to the computer and then quickly cleaning so it looks like I got something productive done.

You did a great job keeping track of what you ate. I hope goodies aren't out of my life forever I just have to make them not a daily habit. (or eat it all in one sitting)


Losing Myself said...

We are all in the same boat, so it seems. It is hard to put food as a friend away, and only use it ofr fuel.....*sigh* Especially when it seemed to be such a good friend.