Friday, January 23, 2009

Down.....if you call it that

I lost .2 for the entire week OMG are you serious?
But hey it is down right....down .2 from where I was the week before.
I even ate dinner before going to WW tonight which I normally go in the am and don't eat and I just couldn't resist last nights meal.
I got this tortellini roasted red peppers and chicken dish at Trader Joes my daughter wanted it so bad so I gave in. Well me and her ate it everyone else ate plain chicken, rice, and green beans. I knew I had lots of points left so I ate them.
I have decided I am affected by the scale but the scale is part of the journey. I fit into clothes that would have never gotten up my fat legs before. I feel better walking up the stairs. I can stay on the elliptical for freaking 35 minutes or longer....I am so doing this....might be longer than I expected but I am SKINNY UNDER MY FAT!

I have decided to start going at night to weight watchers. I go with 3 other friends we each have kids with us and it is so hectic in the meeting we are chasing kids, cleaning up after spills, dealing with my crying baby so we are going at night. We all have been having not so great weeks lately and we feel we need the meetings. So we are going no kids at night!

Tomorrow night we are going out to the Outback....ummmm what the heck was I thinking! Cheesecake with caramel and Alice Springs Chicken smothered in bacon and cheeeeeeeeeese. If you asked me about heaven on earth I would tell you the above mentioned food. No lie seriously I live for Outback days. I haven't had one in about 6 months. I had it after Jalen was born but not again. I need to get about 15 extra activity points for tomorrow is that even possible? I will be using my weekly 35 points tomorrow in 1 day I am sure. I might live on 1 cup of ceral and 1 fiber 1 bar so I have 25 daily points, 35 weekly points, and than at least 5 activity points so 65 points for dinner OMG that just sounds disgusting! I need to re-evaluate this food plan!

I am going to take a picture of what I eat tomorrow like a fellow blogger does so you can see what I ate.....I gotta live right! It is a celebration not a celebrate week long it is one day I will track the points! I will also lose this week more than I have lately I am going to bust my butt working out and tracking all week and eating the right foods!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend everyone!


Jen said...

Down 0.2 when you have switched from mornings to evenings after dinner! I read that as down a whole lot more. My body goes up at least 2 lbs from morning to night.
WTG, and good job on switching things up, if your meeting time is spent chasing children then its really not 'your' time - and this should be your time!

hayngrl101 said...

You are soo right; down IS down. Congratulations on any loss (I most certainly count a 0.1 loss period!) I love how you are planning your Outback trip.. 65 points here we come! Honestly, I think that its worth it to splurge every now and again. I have found that I cannot live by deprivation alone, I have to eat the good stuff every once in a while so I can remember. I have found that absence does make the heart grow fonder, but reality, sometimes the food doesn't taste as good as it used to... Anyway, eat a few bites for me. :)

the new sarah sundae said...

I lost point two last week and you know what? A loss is a loss and next week will be even better. GREAT JOB!!

Have fun at the Outback. I bet you can earn those points somehow!!

Losing Myself said...

The way I figure it, a .2 loss beats a gain any day of the week. Oh, that Outback sounds yummy! Enjoy it, then get back to the diet grind!

DivaOnaDiet said...

as long as you didnt gain, thats awesome! Keep it up! who is the person who takes pics of their dinner? Can you refer me to their blog, plese?