Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joining a Real Gym YIPPEE

OK so I was coming out of my weekly Chick Fil A playdate where I ate a 6 point grilled chicken and 6 point french fries and on my door of my car when I walked out was a Gym membership offer.
199 for 1 year
289 for 2 years....I am taking this option it is less than 13.00 a month. I currently pay 10.00 a month for a rec center gym and it is only open 8-9 no daycare, no Sundays open and Saturday 8-5 so I can't go on Sat or Sun cause my hubby works on Sat until around 530.
With this I can have my nights back with my family and go during the day while the kids are in friends might join so the kids can have a playdate in the playarea and play while the moms work out.
I think this next step is needed. My current gym has 4 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 2 bikes, 1 stairstepper and 1 weight machine thing that does tons of things.
This new gym is a statewide gym it has everything and is big and open all days of the week and hours that will work great for me and childcare if FREE!

Be scared Team Lynn be very scared LOL My weight will be coming off even quicker!
They are only doing the sign ups on Mon/Tues at the gym so I will be going in and signing up bright and early on Monday!


Shari said...

Wow, that's an awesome deal! Wish I could find that around here. So I'll stick with the fitness center here at work and just go during lunch.

Glad I'm on the A-Team! ;-)

Jess' s Food Coma said...

That is VERY exciting! Good for you and I bet the kids will actually look forward to going to the gym to play in the daycare. PLus in the long term you are creating such an amazing example for your children and getting them used to being in a gym setting so that they will grow to be confident there. I wish I had been exposed as a child then maybe it wouldn't give me so much anxiety! I didn't enter a gym (besides in school) until I was 21.

the new sarah sundae said...

Yeah, I love my gym. You'll totally love it!!

TJ said...

Wow, sounds great! And that's a good price for what you're getting too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Losing Myself said...

You are very lucky to live where you have a state of the art gym for such a good price. And Team Angie is lucky that you are on OUR team! LOL


DivaOnaDiet said...

I get free gym too because my husband is military and its a state of the art gym but we dont have daycare...we have free massages, free trainer, free nutritionist, and free sauna and steam room. we even have free classes for pilates, aerobics and all that stuff. i feel blessed but i really do envy the fact that you have daycare. its hard for me because my hubby works strange hours so getting to the gym is hard i usually go about 5x week and stay for an hour