Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nike Attitude....Just Do It......

I was at the gym today and I was on the treadmill a older lady maybe in her late 40's came next to me to do the treadmill. We are going about the same pace and we are working out side by side. I get off after a 1.5 walk run and go to the Elliptical she comes to the Elliptical near me and she says you have that Nike Attitude. I said really what is that? She says you just do it. Good for you and I want to tell you that you are doing great....keep it up! I was so happy.

You see I am a big girl in the gym I don't let it bother me. I run on the treadmill. I have sweat coming down my face, arms, legs, and my clothes are drenched when I leave. I often crack people up when trying out new machines with my laughter and asking questions from the guys who know what the hell they are doing. I love my gym!

Today I went to my friends for a party....she is on WW too down 85 lbs in 19 months. We decided to swim laps in her pool I did 50 laps before it started pouring and we had to go in. We are walk running a 5K tomorrow morning. I have been at the gym Fri, Sat, Sun for 2 hours at a time buring 1000 calories. I am so losing this week and if I don't hello ISSUES!!!!

She said I can come swim anytime in her pool and we are going to get water aerobics things for the pool. Hopefully the pool will do something for me.

Today I hate
wheat waffles 3 points
fiber 1 bar 2 points
2 graham crackers 2 points
key lime pie 3 points
pizza 6 points
ziti small little bit 3 points
garlic knots 4 points
crackers (way to many of these and the point value is way to high to ever eat these again) 8 points
Total 32 points not the most healthy day but it was a fun day.

Tomorrow is another BBQ day but at another pool so I will be doing laps again.
Happy Memorial Day!


Slim said...

I am just starting out on my weight loss journey so I thought I'd look around the blog world for some inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. I wish you great success in your journey to getting healthier! I know it's not easy to make changes, but you can do it!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Swimming is absolutely terrific for toning all kinds of muscles, but it is seriously terrible for weight loss ! It has something to do with weight resistance and temperature- you will gain fitness but it will not make the scale move. It seems like a huge contradiction, but it is true. Don't let that stop you from doing lap swimming and water aerobics, for both will really help your cardio health, mobility and endurance, which will make all the other exercises work more efficiently.

Ida said...

Did you mean you ate that food or do you really hate it? LOL
Sorry, but your typo tickled me.
Good job on the exercise, just remember, fa t weighs less than muscle, so if you aren't down much, maybe its because you are building some muscle.