Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I got hurt

I was walking out the door to the gym and I didn't land right when I took the stop down from the door...I heard a pop and I couldn't put weight on my left ankle. That was 2 nights ago and I have gone to the gym and I have been working out on it but it is hurting really bad today. I even ran for 7 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!! I think I have a bad sprain or something. I feel like it is rubbing or something when it hurts. It is at random times. If I am sitting for awhile and I go to get up it hurts. Or even walking if my foot turns a certain wait it hurts.

My husband said not to run anymore until I feel 100% and if not better by Friday to make a appt. for Friday with the Dr. I will see....speaking of my husband it is 9 years ago today that we got married. Who knew we would end up so far from where we lived when we met and in a new state with 4 amazing little ones. I am at the weight I was when we got married so that is pretty cool....but I was also 7 months pregnant LOL

My pants that I wore and they were so tight I have noticed are not so tight they are getting loose. I love that feeling. I really hope that my plateau is over tomorrow! I am going to WW in a pair of light cotton shorts and light cotton tee so that I will be light....I have to go to my daughters dress rehersal afterwards so I am bringing clothes I would let people see me in LOL to change into afterwards. We are going into the meeting before the actual center opens so we can get weighed in and say goodbye to our receptionist who is leaving....we love her!

I am so thrilled with the progress I have made with the treadmill. I really need to just keep going. While on it I said to myself over and over if you are not throwing up or dieing or passing out don't stop! I just kept making myself go. I was walking for 5 minutes at first to warm up and started to run. It felt great to know I could do it that long.

I am going to start weights this next week. I think my body is used to doing the same things and I need to add more weights into it. Also the gym has a large basketball court that some ladies go out and work out in privacy...I might do that too. I really want to try that balance thing it is like a ball on one side and flat on the other. I want to do that I hear it is to build your core strength. I also so a sit up machine I want to try.

Be on the lookout for tomorrows update....hopefully I am down at least 3-4 lbs!!! I hope so!


Brooke said...

I'm sorry to hear about your foot. I've just recovered from an injury myself. It was hard. I had come so far and I didn't want to be put back by some stupid pain in the foot. Just hang in there. I did go to the doc and was told not to run - it killed me - but I let it rest and heal and now I'm back on the treadmill running like crazy. Good luck on your WI!!

Rebecca said...

I totally agree with your husband, you really should let that ankle heal. I know how frustrating it can be when you really want to work out, to help losing, but rest is the only thing that will help it.

Weights are awesome and once you start you will be addicted! Good luck with your WI girl!

Food Coma said...

Good luck with the weigh in you definitely deserve a loss! Take care of yourself!

Ida said...

Don't wait too long to see a doctor about that foot. You could injur it worse. You should be seeing a loss soon. You are doing so good!