Sunday, May 3, 2009


Reading everyones blogs really puts into perspective how hard of a battle this is for everyone not just me. I find I beat myself up and do the wrong things like say ok well I am up 2 lbs let me just go and get a small fries to ease the pain....yea that small fry turns into a large fry, burger, and shake cause I am so upset. I need to be more like my blogging buddies and go to the gym when I get upset.

I love seeing everyones before and after pictures. Or reading about dropping sizes....who doesn't love that? Also reading about jiggle LOL as a future jiggler I will welcome the jiggle as long as the fat that was filling it out is all gone.

I am down again today and so excited. I have been making wise food choices and drinking lots and lots of water. My daughter weighed herself today she is 84 lbs. At her age I was 130 lbs at 8. She told me she wants to be 72 lbs. I told her whatever she wants she has to work for it. She said she would. Not that I would let her get to 72 lbs and I am not even sure where she pulled that number out of her head. I would like her to lose and get to 78 6 lbs gone on her won't be bad. She has a belly and I want to help her lose that. But she doesn't have to. Again wise food choices and bit more activity is all it will take with her.

Perhaps my dedication and weight loss will inspire those around me to do something about it. You have a choice stay fat or do something about it. I choose to do something about it.


Ida said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. It's good that your daughter wants to watch her weight, but make sue she doesn't 'over do' it and develop other eating disorders.

A said...

I would be very careful to encourage my daughter to lose weight! At her age it would be far better to encourage her to be active. Maybe start to take soccer or martial arts (I almost wrote ballet, but that’s a very body conscious activity so maybe not), or whatever she might be interested in. This is not a critique of how you raise your child. I'm just speaking from personal experience. My mother obsessed about how I looked when I was a child, she used to put her finger at my stomach and tell me to “suck it in” (I was normal weight). When I started dieting at 13 she was overjoyed! By then my relationship with food was already destroyed, and it’s been ups and downs since then. What I think might have happened is that she wants to be like mommy, and mommy is dieting – she shouldn’t. What I’m trying to say is that her focus should be elsewhere. She should be focusing on what she can DO with her body, not how it looks. I’m sorry if I sound a bit like I’m lecturing, but I feel VERY strongly about these issues. Dara over at has a lot to say about mother/daughter issues, check it out. 