Thursday, May 28, 2009

Down 4.4 lbs this week 1.2 more to medal!

Well I did good...I should be happy but I so wanted that 50 lbs medal this week. Oh well next week for sure....God Willing!

I think my house scale is broke one second it says 247 the next 254 the next 250.4. My husband said Michelle it isn't going to change stop getting on it when I got on the 2nd time after weighing myself a few seconds before. He saw the number and said ok the thing is broke how is it giving you such random numbers. So I think it needs batteries so I will not be going by that scale. I am going to start using the one in the gym it is a Dr type scale and I have not been able to weigh myself without pushing over the 250 pt in forever!!!!

I am 250.2 according to WW so maybe in 2 days I will weigh again in the gym. I can't wait to be out of this decade I will be thrilled!

Thanks so much for the motivation to keep going on. It is a long road ahead but I know we can do it together!


sarah said...

Yeah Michelle!! You are totally inspiring me!!

Ida said...

Lots of times it has to do with how and where you stand on the scale. ;)
Hey, you WILL get that medal next week!

Kari said...

I'd be careful with those scales at the gyms. We USED to have one in the womens locker room, as well as outside the entrance to the cardio area, and they were never reliable. Kids jump on and off, move things around, play with them and it just screws with it.
I'd say either buy a new battery or a new scale so you can have yours at home.
And whoot for almost hitting 50. That is AWESOME!