Saturday, May 16, 2009

I lost 4 lbs!!!!

So this week was a bad week emotionally for me and I still lost...perhaps my mind won this battle and I turned more for the large jug of water I carry with me vs. the food. I did have on our 1st night in VA way to many slices of pizza and I said I don't care at that point and ate it. I felt sick afterwards. On our way home from VA I ate at Five Guys burger place and got the big burger......not a smart idea but still down 4 lbs. I weighed in and the lady said good job down 4 lbs and I was in shock! She said sometimes your body needs that it needs a jump start. So not bad down 6 lbs in 2 weeks...perhaps the plateau has been broken!

I am excited again about this journey hopeful that I will be able to get to my goal.

My mother in law was laid to rest on Thursday and it was so heartbreaking but I know that she is in heaven looking down on all of us. She is no longer in pain and that brings us all comfort. I regret she will never get to see me here on earth skinny. My husbands family who have not seen me in sometime were all wowed and said what have you been doing? I laughed because some of them the last time they saw me was at our wedding and I was the same weight. I guess my shape has changed since they last saw me but the numbers are still the same.

My 50 lb charm at WW is only 5.6 lbs away. Hopefully I can get it this May!!! I will officially be down 65 lbs when I get the charm.

Here's to another good week for us all!


Karen said...

Congrats Michelle! That is awesome!! So sorry about your MIL. Blessings, Karen

Bulge to Bump said...

4lbs!!! that is awesome! I just found an old 50lb WW magnet while cleaning this weekend. I would like to get back to that weight! Let us know when you hit that mark...I'm rooting for you!