Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayers Please-My MIL is sick

Ok so this isn't about weight but it is about my life. My MIL and I aren't really that close I always felt like I took her only son away. We lived in VA and moved to NC....we lived blocks away from her so it hurt I am sure. But we had to do what was best for our family. Anyway she was never in that great of health. Lupus, diabetes, and severe foot issues requiring surgery.

Well Saturday my husband gets a call that she was brought to the hospital. She was in severe pain. Seems she has been in pain for 2 weeks the Drs. were telling her to go to the hospital she said no. She went for a MRI the machine was broken they rescheduled for this week but by Saturday the pain got to be to bad and she told her husband let's go to the hospital. Well they found spots on her liver and kidneys. She had biopsies done on Tuesday and we are awaiting the results. She had a full body scan on Wednesday and we haven't heard the results yet.

I lost my grandmother 20 months ago. My mom was a single mother my grandmother helped raise me we lived with her and my gpa after my parents divorced when I was 6. It was as if I lost my mom and I am telling you I have no idea how to help my husband. I want to be with him, help hold him up while awaiting these test results. I remember laying on the floor crying awaiting the news she made it out of surgery alive. I will never forget sitting with her for 7 days in hospice and as she took her last breath. I don't want that to happen to my husband or anyone for that matter. His mom is only in her late 50's she is a wonderful woman and I am asking you to please pray for her. Pray for my husband. I am hoping that this is just some fluke thing and maybe a infection but they are telling us be prepared for the worse case.

We are heading up to VA this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers on our journey. Somehow todays WI doesn't seem so important afterall.


Jen said...

My prayers are definitely with you and your family. Have a safe journey and keep us posted when you can.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Prayers on the way !

Sandy said...

Holding you all up in prayer!

Ida said...

definately praying. Dear Lord, be with my dear friend's MIL during this time. We know that you are the Great Physician, and can heal all things. We gie you praise and glory for all that you are and all that you do for us. Thank you in advance for answered prayer. In your Holy and wonderful name. Amen
(and a big hug for you!)