Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scale is moving down

Ok so the scale is moving in the right direction.
My home scale I weigh myself in the am I get up go and pee and get on the scale in only underwear LOL maybe a bit TMI.

So since last Sat
Sat 262.2
Sun 261.4
Mon 262.6
Tues 263.2
Wed 262.8
Thur 261.2
Fri 258.6
Sat 258.2

So that is down 4 lbs in a week on my home scale! YEA!!!! I am so excited. I really want to get this weight off. I realized with our anniversary coming up 9 years on Wednesday that I wanted to renew our vows in my dream gown. I hated my wedding gown and I want a do over. So my motivation is to be able to wear my dream gown next May. I have been sticking to my points and I have been at the gym. I realized also the water I have not been keeping up with the water. So I am drinking water so much I feel I am going to float away. The bathroom has become my best friend.

Let's hope that I can keep this loss going until Thur and hopefully be down 5-6 lbs at WW.

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Ida said...

You are doing so good! Go you!!