Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How much have you lost in a year?

Just curious what everyone has lost in a year. I am so trying to lose 100 lbs total by my year anniversary of WW which is August 12. My friend has lost over 125 lbs exercising and eating right in 10 months. She said I can do it the 100 lbs total I have 41 more to go if I am consistent in the exercise dept. AND eating right. But seriously I wonder what the heck she is eating. I am working out more than she was and still my weight is all over the place up down up down.

My husband told me today to not get on the scale at home anymore so I think it might end up in the garage sale. I have been thinking back on what happened in November when I stopped losing weight so fast.
A few things
1. mom came to visit and I felt like crap about myself so self sabotage
2. breastfeeding started to slow down eventually ending
3. got the scale
4. joined the town gym
5. started working out with a new friend

So my mom I need to stop letting her negativity control my weight loss or my self esteem. Breastfeeding well that isn't happening again LOL but I have to admit I did try to get my supply back and up he was not a willing participant so I stopped. He wasn't gaining weight with the weight I was losing he was not gaining and the dr. told me I had to do formula. I got that scale which I weigh myself at least every 2 hours....I am bad. I joined a small town gym with a neighbor. She is 160 and needs to lose about 30 lbs. She is a great walking partner if I want to walk and talk but she doesn't have the large amount I have to lose and she doesn't need to work out as hard as me. I need to push myself to not being able to speak where she doesn't. So when I was working out with her I didn't push myself.

So anyway back to the original topic....I tend to go off at times and skip topics. Can you share what you have lost in a year with your dieting and exercise plans?


TJ said...

Hi Michelle!

I started my weight loss journey in Dec of '07. I have lost a total of 94# in 17 months. Slow and steady is good for me. Right now, I'm at 187# and my goal is 170#.

I'm trying real hard this time to be realistic in my goals. I'm 43 and a mother of 6. My hips won't ever see a size 4 again. I'll be happy to fit comfortably in a size 10 or 12.

What have I been doing? As far as food goes - I eat right, count calories, and drink lots of water. I don't really say no to any foods that I want(except caffeinated soda), but I make sure not to go over portion or binge(much). I have had times that I've gone off plan and it wasn't pretty. The big thing is that I don't beat myself up about it and get right back on plan.

Exercise is something I always have to mix up. My body gets used to things quickly and I end up not seeing results after a month or 2. Right now, I'm running in place - no treadmill. While I'm doing that, I'll do handweights or boxing jabs to work the arms. I hate running, but running in place doesn't bother me. Go figure. I've also started to incorporate a new target area a week. This week is abs and I'm doing as many crunches as I can. Monday I did 250, Tuesday 325, today 375. I'm going to up it until I can do 500 or more a day. Next week, I'll concentrate on lunges or pushups, but also do some crunches - maybe not 500, but at least 250.

But as far as exercise goes, I've done it all except join a gym. Walk, jog, elliptical, DVDs, running stairs, Sparkvideos, exercise ball - anything to keep my body from getting used to something. My favorite DVDs are Turbo Jam and 30 Day Shred.

Good luck to you! Losing 100# in a year is do-able. For me, though, it's the slow and steady that's going to work in keeping the weight off.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

First time I lost 70 lbs in the first year and then 40 more in the next year( interrupted by a pregnancy). This time I lost 40 the first 5 months and then have been stalled out for about a year, playing with the same 5 pounds. I am dealing with a hormone disorder ( Poly cystic ovarian syndrome) AND going through menopause. I will turn 51 in two weeks, but i still keep plugging away. While the scale may not be moving at the speed i like, I am definitely healthier for my efforts and better equipped to deal with my own health challenges. Do not get hung up on the timing or that you are not the image of someone else. We are all individuals and you are 1000 percent better because of your efforts than you would be if you did nothing.

Ida said...

I started my weightloss journey a year ago. At the time I was at 220
One year later I am at 165. My goal is 150. These last 20 lbs have been harder to lose than the 55 lbs I've already lost. How have I done this? I do a lower carb eating plan and walk and walk and walk. I am very happy with my progress so far. I have gone from a size 18+ to a size 10! That is something to get excited about.

hayngrl101 said...

Michelle, I just want to say...


I fall off the wagon frequently, but my best weight loss yielded 30 lbs in 6 weeks. How I did it:

I did cardio daily using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

I did weight training 3x week (BFL style).

I ate REALLY clean. I followed the Body for Life diet program, which is eating clean for 6 days and taking 1 day off.

I actually like WW better, but I think that the great thing about the Body for Life diet was that I did not eat any processed food and I ate protein WITH carbs.

I am 220ish right now and want to get down to 120...