Friday, May 1, 2009

A brand new day

OK so I am not suppose to weigh myself daily my friends tell me but I am down 1.4 today from yesterday. I went out last night but before going out I went to the gym.

My workout was:
1 mile on the treadmill running walking
15 min on the elliptical
15 min on the stairstepper I went up 39 floors LOL
15 min on the bike
I burned over 600 calories.

I am feeling really good today and will go back to the gym tonight and do weights and I am only going to the treadmill and stairstepper tonight. I plan on doing 1/2 hour on treadmill and 1/2 hour on the stepper and 15 minutes working on the weight machines with my arms and legs.

Maybe I am in a funk or something as everyone around me gets smaller and smaller and I am still here struggling to get into the 240's. Seriously though I am struggling to get to the 240's from 313 10 months ago....I am amazed I can even say that. Some people don't lose what I have in these last 10 months in a year so I should be thankful that it has worked maybe not where I want to be but it has worked somewhat.

Ohhhhhh and I realized maybe I am not drinking enough cause yesterday I was drinking and drinking and I think that really does help. So today I got out my big 54 oz water jug and filled it up and drank it and in between running to the bathroom I got it filled again and I am 1/2 way done with it.....I will be in the bathroom all day and night LOL peeing away the pounds!



princessvalecia said...

Just remember you are doing things the right way you never get to the right outcome without hard work...Good Luck

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I think there are he general rules that work, and then after a while our individual quirks emerge, and it can make us crazy discovering what exactly they are. I have been in the same boat as you, playing with the same 10 pounds but in the 230 range for almost a full year, and it does get discouraging. Follow what your instincts are telling you, be patient and just keep plugging away. It is a journey and not a race, and some of us just take a few more scenic detours it seems !

Karen said...

My hubby tells me to stay off the scale too! Every morning before I step in the shower....there I am! Did you hear about the hydroxycut recall today? Google it - there is no miracle pill! It can cause liver they say. I have taken that one in the past!! Have a good weekend....happy losing!!