Monday, May 25, 2009

Made it thru the weekend and I am proud

I was very scared about this weekend and the BBQ's. I was at pool parties for each so I knew I would be working off some calories.
Today I didn't count I know you only count on the days you want to lose weight.....
But I ate
3 pt waffles
cheeseburger with lil ketchup, mustard and pickles
Some scoopable chips with dip made with chili cheese and cream cheese....very very bad for me so I ate only 5 and didn't dip each one.
I had 3 wine coolers and those have empty calories :-(
I ate a WW cupcake I made that is only 2 pts
crackers 4 pts

Looking at this typed up I don't think I went over my 31 points and my activity points I earned because.................... I walked this morning for 2 hours with my girlfriends. We found a new walking trail they just did by our subdivision we got out of the house at 9 and didn't make it back until 11. I was sweating like a beast and ran some but not much. It was so hot outside.

Later that night when we were at the pool party everyone was leaving I told my friends lets go do the laps. I did laps up and down the pool using various methods, breaststroke, backstroke, anything I could think of. We got out the noodles and did some water aerobics. Stomach crunches, moving using only our arms sitting on the noodle, and spinning with the noodle holding us up with our arm. We worked out for about 40 minutes in the pool.

Tomorrow morning back into the gym where I will go for 2 hours in the am. I want to get to my 1000 calories for the day in the am. At night I will go again with my friend and we will do weight training.

I am so motivated and I realized maybe winter is not my time. Maybe that will always be my struggle. Maybe I need a bathing suit to motivate me. I feel like I have my butt in gear and I can do this. My girlfriend said I am so motivated and obsessed about this that this time it is going to work. Yea it is because if it doesn't I will die trying LOL. I will do whatever it takes!

Good night Talk to you later!

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Ida said...

You go girl! Sounds like you did a great job and kept an eye on what you were eating.