Monday, June 1, 2009

5am Gym Days & trial 5K Run

I am in the gym looking around as people walk in. So many of them have garment bags with them and carrying some nice high heels or nice shoes. I tell ya I get up at 445am and head off to the gym. I can't imagine going to shower and to work for 8 hours after a 2 hour workout. My God these people make me tired thinking about it.

I sit here on my couch with my kids playing around me wanting to take a nap. I ate lunch had 4 points of cereal....had 3 points of waffles for breakfast. Tonight I am making some chicken but if I have enough points I might eat the tacos I make for the family tonight.

I went yesterday for a walk with my friend we tried to do the 5K that she signed up for next weekend. We got lost and made it 4 miles instead of 3.2 LOL. We took a bit longer then what we hoped....1 hour 20 minutes. We got lost and were asking for directions and walking with a map LOL But we walk at night too at the track and tonight I am going to walk 5 miles on the track.

My eyes are getting heavy and I am so sleepy. I am off to take a cat nap and dream of being skinny under my fat ;-)


sarah said...

It's tough getting up and going to the gym and then going to work after, but so worth it. You do a great job, too. You're a Mom!!!

Ida said...

I can't even imagine getting up at 4:45 am, much less go to the gym. Not for me!

Food Coma said...

I gotta tell ya you are fading away!! You look amazing, I don't actually know you in person but I am still so proud of you! You are an inspiration to me! Great job!