Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got my charm!!!!

LOL Finally after so many months I made it to 52 lbs down with WW and 67.6 lbs gone from my body since July 11, 2008. I am so excited and only 23 more to 75 ;-)

I lost 4.4 lbs this week just like 2 weeks ago. Guess that might be my magic number. I am going to keep working out like I have been and I lost a point with this loss since I am down to 245.8! So that will be fine. I have not weighed this since 2000. I met my husband around 210-220 range I believe. I will feel really good at that point and wonderful when I get to my goal weight of 135.

135 is a good point for me. The top for my height is 141 with WW. I would like to be 135 so I thnk that is a good weight for me. But I will have to get to that point. So I am at the oint of 110 lbs left! That sounds better vs needing to lose 170 lbs!

Thank you for sharing in my journey! I am going out for a MNO tonight with my girlfriends to celebrate. Applebee's where they have the WW Menu LOL!


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Congratulations !!!

sarah said...

Great job!!

Jen said...

this is SO great!
You are truly inspiring to someone like me who REALLY needs to get back on track!

Ida said...

I knew you could do it!!!! Big hug for you!

Sarah said...

Wow congratulations that is fantastic!

Brooke said...

Congrats!! Those charms are SOOO motivating - don't you think? Keep up the great work!