Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6.6 miles and helpful calculator for points

Well today I walked 6.6 miles at the track. My scale is not moving. Not sure what that is about I am just going to wait to see what the WW scale says. I just need 1.8 to get my damn charm God I hope I get it this week. How frustrating is that just trying to get a little metal charm to put on a tarnished ring....BUT DAMN IT I WANT THAT CHARM!

When I started out walking my shins were killing me and I thought hell no this is not going to work tonight. But I walked away the pain and it felt fine. My walking buddies left and I walked alone for a mile. Nice to clear your mind and just walk at your own pace.

Well I was looking up how many calories I would have to eat vs burn to lose weight. My formula says if I eat 1500 calories a day burn 1500 calories and my base line burned for my height and weight was 1871 a day burned I would lose 3.74 lbs a week. I put in 2000 calories burned and still only 4.74 but really burning 2000 calories a day I would have to walk for about a hour and a half and do the gym for 2 hours. That is just to much for 1 lb a week and to much time away from my family.

So if you want to see your chart look at this page and have a pen paper and calculator handy.

Tomorrow my game plan is go to the gym at 530
Elliptical for 2o min 240 calories burned
Bike for 10 min 100 calories burned
Stairstepper for 20 min 200 calories burned
Treadmill 1 mile 15 min 160 calories burned
700 calories total

At night I am going to walk the track walk 5 miles for 800 calories so 1500 total burned for the day.

Thanks so much for your motivational posts! It really keeps me going and I love reading your blogs to see what you are doing and how I can incorporate some of that into my life too!
Sharing in this journey is the best!

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hayngrl101 said...

Just have to say that you are such an inspiration. Keep trudging and you'll get there. I know you will.

One thing that frustrates me is that I plateau... as in, I don't lose weight in a smooth progression. I tend to linger at a weight and then have to mix it up to get the loss going again.

I love WW but I found that the thing that works for me is to watch my carb and protein intake. I found that if I eat equal amounts of Protein and Carb, I lose better. So now in addition to WW, I plan my meals so that I eat 19 grams of Protein and 19 grams of carb each meal (6 a day)...

BTW, I love this website and use it for reference all the time...

Keep the faith!