Sunday, December 28, 2008

It is very what is it so hard?

Ok so I follow the WW plan and they lay it out and make it very get to eat x amount of points, write down what you eat and journal it. They even added a box to list how hungry you feel during the day and to mark off how many waters you drank....easy right?

Well why is it so hard I am not starving, my blood sugar isn't to low, and I surely don't need it WHY CAN'T I STAY ON POINT AT ALL THIS WEEK? It shouldn't be hard. So here is what I have been doing
I make myself drink water or crystal light before I put that item in my mouth
I look up the points for it so I know and I list it....even though I see it will put me over my points
I know I eat cause I am bored I need to stay away from the kitchen.

I really wanted to make it to 259 this week but I doubt that will happen. ughh this sucks!

I have really hit a plateau here I have been in the 260 since Oct/Nov can't remember the exact date but it has been over a month and that is just driving me insane!

Ok Jalen is waking...goodnight!

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