Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WI in earlier than expected

Let me just say this has been a trying week. But it just got worse. Jalen my 5 month old little man may have MRSA yes the flesh eating disease. I am freaking out. We had his little finger lanced and they sent samples to the lab. I was going to WI on Wed with my WW buddies at a different location as our location is closed for the holiday but we have a follow up appt to check his finger on Wed at the same meeting time. So I was at the gym today for my daughters practice and was going to leave to go to WI but she was crying she was sick BUT WOULD NOT LEAVE UGHHHH so I stayed the 3 hours. I quick ran to a WI as they were closing and I AM DOWN 3.4 lbs! Ok so I didn't lose the entire amount from last week's 3.8 gain with the jeans and sweater on but heck almost and that is good enough for me I am maintaining I figure and that is wonderful considering the chocolate chips I have been eating....I am not making the darn cookies I just eat a few chocolate chips during the day LOL

So Mikayla is on her 2nd dose or meds for pink eye.
Zoe is getting pink eye we think and we will ask the dr. tomorrow about her.
Mya is battling a stomach bug that hurts her tummy no throwing up thank God and a fever with bad headaches...day 3 will be in the dr with us in the am to be checked too.
Jalen either has a staph, strep or MRSA on his middle finger....of course I am worried I gave it to him coming home from the gym touching his little finger....ughh
I don't have it and no one else in the family does so we are going to see what they say about that in the dr. too.

Wishing everyone reading this a wonderful Christmas and if you are on this weight loss journey like me I hope your scales stay the same over this week or they only go down...NO UPS!

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Bunny Trails said...

Hope the kiddies are feeling better soon!!

Congrats on the Wi!! that's great :)
Merry Christmas!