Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Bye November.....Moving on!

I am so glad November is over I can pick myself up and keep moving. I went to WI and gain 1 lb. ughhh But I am not going to let it take me down. I will keep going, keep losing and sometimes have a set back for a month at a time even as this month has shown me. But it concerns me.
1. my mom came to visit and I had 2 weeks of trying to get back on point to get down 4.4 lbs.
2. why couldn't I control my urge to eat those damn pies?
3. why didn't I get my fat butt up to work out at the gym not just the dvd at home?

I will get down at least 10 lbs this month. I can assure you. I am going to get to the 250's before the new year!

Hope for the new year
End of Month
Dec 255
Jan 242
Feb 230
March 218
April 205
May 193
June 180
July 167
Aug 154
Sept 142
Oct 130
Nov 118
Dec 113 Goal

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