Saturday, December 6, 2008

3.2 lbs GONE!

Well I went to get weighed and thought I would be down 3 lbs I had been weighing myself at the gym. I am so glad to see the scale finally going down again rather than up like it has for November. I saw how much my body needs the gym. I have also realized how much I missed the quiet time at the gym away from the family. Erik is gone from the house all day working I am home with the 4 kids running around all over the place trying to maintain a home. But at night I take that hour and sometimes longer for myself and I enjoy that time. At first I hated sweating. I grew to like sweating feeling like my weight was coming off with each bead of sweat. Than I started to run.....I like to run....I don't love it yet but I think I could. Not sure really yet but I feel so powerful running all 264 lbs of me running praying I won't break the treadmill....praying it doesn't have a 250 lbs weight limit on it.

I know that with my hard work I will be down in the low 250's this month. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! So I will strive for that this month and share in this journey as I get below my 1st child's pregnancy weight and my wedding day weight. I was in the very low 200's when I met Erik and I thought I was cute. I can't even begin to imagine what I will be like at goal.

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