Saturday, December 6, 2008

Something on my mind

Mikayla lost a cheerleader friend yesterday. Madison was only 8 years old and got a cold. She woke up coughing on Thursday night Dec 4th and started to choke while coughing. Her parents said she could just never catch her breath the coughing was so bad. She couldn't get any air in. They called 911 she was taken via ambulance to the hospital where they decided to airlift her to a huge hospital about a hour away. By 6 pm on Dec 5th the Dr. told her parents to decide to keep her on life support forever or pull the plug. They decided to pull the plug. Today is Saturday one day since they lost dear sweet Maddie and they were at the girls float today for the parade the girls were going to be marching in where MADDIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I saw them and tears filled my eyes but I couldn't go to them. I couldn't say anything....anything I had to say would have been useless. I just looked at them....looked at my girls and baby boy and prayed that somehow God would find a way to help them in this every parents nightmare. The coach told me she saw them along the parade route waving to the girls. I bet today they left and went to the funeral home, probably made arrangements for Maddie. My heart aches for them and I pray for them as I will for sometime. So if you are reading this and can spare a prayer please pray for Maddie and her family and friends.

My girls asked where baby's came from I said they were always in my heart. They asked if I had any other baby's in my heart after I had Jalen I said no I don't think so but you never can tell with God's great plan. So Mya said when I told her and Mikayla about Maddie-"what happens to the babies in her heart mommy?" I told her Maddie was a blessed little girl who didn't have to wait until she got older to meet her babies she got to meet them in heaven when she met God.

Rest in God's arms Maddie until your mommy and daddy are finally home with you in heaven.

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