Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UP UP UP and Away!

I haven't posted in awhile I have been to busy EATING!!!! As I get on the new scale I bought last week I just keep seeing those numbers go up. I have gained another 3 lbs so I am up 6 lbs in 2 weeks. What the hell is wrong with me...ok this is the kick in the ass time the BLBE leaders were talking about.
Seriously I wanted to get to 199 by April 5 for Disney not happening. I changed that to my bday late June 199....that is going to be pushing it too.
I start out the day great journaling, good food choices, as the day goes on and wham I am eating crap again...not that bad of crap cause we are all on diets in the house so it is pretty healthy but my portions. ughhh

Oh and drive thrus....today Starbucks forget the diet version I got the whole shabang. Yesterday Chick Fil A for a grilled chicken sandwich and french fries all within my points range but I could have easily made a lower point food choice at home so I could have eaten within my points range for the day later that night.
I am still here still working at this but not working out. I have been in pain from that damn trainer and I haven't gone back to the gym. I am going tomorrow. It has been a week or almost a week. I am going to cancel our session for tomorrow night and tell her my way has been working I was losing the weight and I am going to stick with it until I am stronger her stuff was just to much for my big body it hurt for to long. I was not ready for that. I shouldn't have been in that kind of pain for 4-5 days KWIM?

I wanted to update you all here didn't want you to think I left you.

Here is a pic of me from this weekend. I still feel that my clothes are fitting better so that makes me happy.


karen said...

Sorry you're going through a rough time, too! Head over to my blog at some point and read my dark dark place post and Squishy's comment ... hopefully it'll help you, too! (While you're at it -- watch the youtube video I posted next!)

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Okay Michelle, as a BLBE team member I am required to kick your butt and give you tough love. So, bend over... ready...*kicks real hard*! Now that we got that over with, let me just say, I know what you're doing as I have done it many times before. You weren't liking what you saw on the scale at last weigh-in and you went ahead and sabotaged yourself. I do it, too and I haven't figured out why yet, other than the fact that I think I just feel defeated and tired of trying so hard (like yesterday -check out my post!) But, where do you go from here? Keep staying off track and go back to your previous ways. NO. Just refocus, take it one day or even one meal at a time and you'll pull it all together again! You can do this!!!! You have been doing great and trying so hard, keep it up and the scale will come around!

Oh, and we are going to Disney at the same time! We're first-timers, so it's really exciting!

Hang in there!!!

Kud said...

Keep with it girl. I am also trying so hard to stay on track and I think around the blog work there is a mutual sense of exhaustion > I think this is the time we all push each other and see that we aren't alone. You can do this! Dont' self-sabotage, because you are worth that healthier lifestyle. STick with it. You CAN DO IT!

Me, Only Better said...

You look so good in that picture - hot mamma! You need to keep going. Climb back on the wagon and find the motivation. Take small steps today (no take out!!) and small steps tomorrow and by the weekend you will be feeling your groove!!

(you really do look awesome in that picture!!)

antgirl said...

You really do look good and sassy. Hope you find your footing again soon. :)

Losing Myself said...

No kita from me. Just a big hug. Be sure to give yourself POSITIVE feedback. Negative talk will kill your diet. You can do this. You are strong. You will make it.

Janna said...

I hope you get this...just wanted to check on you and see how you have been lately? You haven't been posting...

YOU CAN DO THIS! You will be successful! Check in and let us know how you are!

Happy Love your Peeps Day!!


Bonnie said...

Shake it off! What is done is done, and there is no need to beat yourself up for it. You can't go back and change the past, so look forward and take it one day at a time. I agree with the other poster who said you look great in the picture. Hang in there it will get better.