Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My night with my trainer

Ok let me just say that this new gym does inspire me to do more and I have and I better see the results on the scale but OMG this trainer she was nice to me last night she said but on Thursday night she is going to KILL me.
So I go in and we walk around the machines floor and I tell her I know nada about any of these. So she said ok we are going to work on a few tonight so you remember them and Thursday we will do a full workout.
Ummm yea last night wasn't a full workout? I could barely walk up the stairs last night going to bed. I found muscles I never knew existed....and my legs OMG I could see the muscle bulging.
I did 3 leg machines and 3 arm machines. The last arm machine my arms wanted to drop and she said keep going you have 2 more and I want you to touch my hand. I was raising them with these weights and pulleys and she wanted the handles to hit her hand. I was raising myself in the seat to reach LOL I couldn't get my arms straight. It really made me think again if I wanted to apply to be on the biggest loser....I don't think so!
But I am also getting a fat test done to tell me how much fat is on my body A LOT! I am going to be told how doing the work out they planned for me and nutritional info how long it should take to get it off and what my idea body weigh is based upon my muscles mass and bones etc. So that is going to be intersting. I am really excited about that.
I do have to admit doing the treadmill, bike, eliptical I feel ok in the gym but using those machines I felt like a whale out of water. She had me lay on my belly on a machine and lift my legs all I kept thinking was ok you skinny people in here yea look at me cause I won't be this fat for long!

Oh and out of the mouths of 4 year old was not eating and I said honey you have to eat she replied with why mommy so I can get fat like you?
Than later in the day she was watching Cheetah Girls and Raven Symone was on tv and she said mommy Raven is fat like you. OMG are you kidding me from a 4 year old and for the record Raven is NOT FAT! I told her that and I am sure she has no clue what I meant.

I will have buns of steel....I will have plastic surgery on my deflated belly and arms someday....and I will be a size Medium one day!


antgirl said...

Maybe it was a 4 year old compliment? To be fat like Raven sound kinda nice. :)

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Wow, what a workout! That soreness is crazy good, isn't it?? Crazy being the operative word!lol

Your daughter cracks me up! She must be in cahoots with my daughter who has now moved from calling me "little flub ma" to just plain "tubby". Who knew that would be a step up?!