Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am feeling good!

Well the last few weeks I have been up up and away but finally I found the momentum again and I had a huge loss this week 5.2 lbs down...gone that you will never see back on me again. God Willing!

So I am less than I was 9 years ago....I find that hard to even imagine. I started back up at the gym daily and kicking it up a notch. I am still not going back to the trainer she is to good for my fat butt at this point. LOL She hurt me BAD! I do work on the at home stuff she showed me to my level of comfort and I have to say I believe it is working.

I am not sure how many of you are WW's but I wanted to chat a bit about meetings and if you are not a member and need a little extra support you might want to consider going to a meeting or two or three or four...until you find the right leader and right group to motivate you. Today we had a grandma in our meeting reach 50 lbs gone and she got her weight charm. She talked about her leg almost being taken before she lost the weight. It is crazy what weight can do to your body. It made me think why I started this journey. I am not doing this for me I am doing this for my children. In case you are new to my blog or in case I didn't tell you this before I can't remember at this point but my grandma and I are the same bodies same issues same surgeries etc. I watched her in 2007 die in hospice for a week I sat with her 24/7 only going home to shower maybe 4 times yea I must have been smelling really ripe LOL. But I watched her and thought I don't want to end up like this. I never want to do this to my children or my husband. She had 8 children and her husband and me by her when she passed. I know that one day I will die I know that but I know that by eating right and exercising I can prolong my life....well at least I can control that. I can't control getting hit by a drunk driver or getting killed by someone but I would hate for my kids and my husband to have to sit and watch me dieing from a illness brought on by my weight something I could control.

I look at the little baby boy jumping in his jumperoo next to me that I asked my grandmother to ask God when she got to heaven to send us a son and I know for him, Mikayla, Mya, Zoe and Erik and my mother too that I have to do this.

I weigh 254.6 lbs today. I have to get to delete 6.2 lbs from my body this week to get my 50 lb weight charm from WW. I am down total 58.8 lbs from the start of this journey. I have hit a few road bumps along the way but I am finding my way. I am finding the skinny under my fat....and when get to my ultimate destination I WILL NEVER GET LOST AGAIN!
Peace & Love my friends!


Amy said...

Woo Hoo! Great post. Great job on the weight loss! Your 50 pound charm is right around the corner.

Janna said...

Glad you are back...I was worried about you!


Michelle said...

Amy-I can "taste" that 50 lb charm LOL I gotta have it!

Janna-I am back and won't let these last few weeks take me down...the weight might have tried to come back but I won't let it!!!


Bonnie said...

Congrats on the big loss!

I understand what you mean about doing this for your children. I come from a family of diabetics and problems with high blood pressure. My doctor recently put me on blood pressure medication and that was a serious kick in the ass! I figured I better do something quick before the diabetes shows up also!

Me, Only Better said...

Who-hoo for your huge loss - I bet you are going to be the biggest loser this week! You go girl!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

so glad you're back!!!!! Great job, Michelle! Keep on keeping on!

Kud said...

Woww!! you ARE an inspiration!! You are doing amazingly well. Congrats girl!! You should be sooo proud!! Because all of us at A-team are! :D

Angie All The Way said...

Great post! Damn right you are! You're our third place leader this week in our challenge too! You are doing sooooo great!!!

Sandy said...

Great post... you are inspiring me too! Keep up the great work!!!!