Monday, February 23, 2009

Pictures the way I was and today

With my 2 favorite guys
In the 250's

Me at 313 Jalen would be born 5 days later

Yea me blowing up my face like a beached whale....look at those thunder thighs that belly looks like it was quads not a 6 lb 6 oz baby in it....gosh these make me sick!

Going out for Valentine's this year....250's

The way I was and never will go back to!


Me, Only Better said...

Well, I think you are gorgeous in all the pictures (except the one where you are puffing out your cheeks! lol), but you are certainly even prettier now than you were back then!

I can really see the difference in your face - it is slim now!

You look hot momma! (=

Food Coma said...

Your boys are both quite handsome and you look soo much younger now that you have lost that weight! You are amazing!!

Losing Myself said...

Your guys are such great lookers. You are doing awesome in your weightloss.

Sarah said...

You are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up! And the men in your life are beautiful!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You are doing fantastic !! I have some pictures in my chest of horrors of me at my heaviest,310 pounds. One day I will post them, after i get past the horror I feel every time I look at them. And you have two very good looking guys in your house !