Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am UP, Mad, Confused, and Discouraged

Look at my right leg LOL it looks so small!

I am up 3 on the dot 3 FULL POUNDS. How the hell did that happen? I was almost in tears at the meeting but held them back. My leader came over and asked what was wrong? I said look I have been great all week food wise, I joined a real gym not the Rec Center and got a trainer. I have been with her and working out on my own daily and I am up 3 lbs. She said my muscles are tearing they are retaining the fluids and it is a good thing. I need to work my way through it and I will see the results I want. I went and talked to my trainer at our 2nd session and she said put the scale away for 6 weeks. I told her I have to weigh in weekly with WW and she said ok don't pay attention to the number and I thought yea like that is going to happen. I am still in shock about it and honestly if we are being 100% honest with each other here last night I went to a pizza place with my husband and I ate 2 large slices of pizza, and I have a calzone all to myself. Yep ate it and it felt good I wasn't even upset. I am in so much pain still 2 days later from my trainers 2nd workout (I will give you the exercises she had me do down below you can do them at home) and wondering if it is really worth it. I mean I am losing weight on my own with the bike, elliptical, and treadmill. Why do I need to have a trainer beating me up even if she is really nice LOL. I can barely walk seriously I need help getting up walking I have to walk with my legs straight no knees bending and OMG the pain is just awful.

I went out and got a scale on top of things and I am obsessive about weighing myself. I also purchased the WW food scale and LOVE THAT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and if you don't have one get one!

I was discouraged when I started writing this about a hour ago and got interrupted with a phone call but ya know what....I can be upset about these 3 lbs or I can let it go and move on. I have done so good these past few months and this monor setback is not going to take away from my joy. I have to say I am not sure when I will get back in the gym but I will go back. I am going to eat right starting this moment again and get back into the saddle.

Hugs from Michelle up 3 more pounds but they will be gone right away!



purple_moonflower123 said...

I totally know how you feel. I am up this week too. I have kind of come to terms with it. My weight has been up and down throughout this journey and I realize that I can control what I eat and my exercise, but I cannot always control my body's reponse. You will work through it and will start seeing results. Sometimes, it just takes these ups to continue downward.

Me, Only Better said...

I think you have really done well. and you can't focus on a gain.

Just keep going!

antgirl said...

Try not to look at the numbers and just focus on what you're doing. Healthy behavior will lead to results. Patience. That's the hardest part of all of this.

A Diva On a Diet said...

Hey, it might be the salt. Salt makes us gain water weight. Health experts recommend 1,100 - 3,300 mg of sodium per day meanwhile one small teaspoon of salt contains 1000mg of salt so watch it hun...dont worry it was just water weight, i doubt its fat you gained... i just told purple moon flowe the same thing, dont be discouraged keep pressing forward. I had some popeyes chicken this week so we all cheat every once in a while..dont worry u will see results next week

Kari said...

It's one of many many weigh ins. Don't let one weigh in set you back. Just move forward doing what you know is right!

Losing Myself said...

Don't feel guilty because your weight was up 3 lbs and in desperation you ate happens to all of us. Let it go and get on with life. You are doing great, and you can continue to do great. (or you can just give up and be a fat, unhealthy woman and die at an early age)
You can do it!!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The muscle shred gain thing is completely normal, though devastating. The giving into the pizza and calzones is human. The IMPORTANT thing is that you are not letting these things spell the end of your journey . The muscles will heal and burn fat more efficiently. The pizza is gone, ,over, done with and it is a brand new day. You are back on track, and you will get this thing done ! It is not a failure.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

This is a journey. There's ups and downs, but the most important thing is that you are making good choices that are changing your health for the long term. Keep doing what you're doing and the scale will catch up! Leave the pizza incident behind; we all have those moments! I often sabotage myself when I don't see what I want on the scale, but it's only going to make you feel more discouraged. You are doing AWESOME!!!