Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weigh In Today not so great

This is me above in a size 14-16 top and it is not skin tight!
This is me in a MEDIUM yes you read that right MEDIUM Tank top from Kmart they had a .99 sale and I went and bought clothes for the next summer and it fit it is a bit shorter than what I would wear so when I lose the weight I am sure it will be perfect!

I thought I would be up it has been a rough week. I have been fighting with Erik, Zoe has been driving me insane, and I just didn't really stick to the points this week....oh and I only worked out 5 times this week. So I need to get my ass in gear and work out more.

I need to stick to the points plan.
I lost 4 oz........but I DIDN'T GAIN!

So I am happy I didn't gain and happy to get the kick in the rear and get myself smaller. I want to have a huge week next week I just have to!

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