Saturday, October 18, 2008

I spent the day shopping

I went shopping today from 1030am until 6pm at night. I was all over and loved every minute of it. First I went to Avenue they have a 18.00 sale on pants so I wanted to see what fit. I fit into a 16 I LOVED THAT! It was great to be able to get into them. I tried on a 14-16 top it was adorable but it was 39.99 and I am not paying full price for clothes while I lose weight. Than I went and got another top on clearance and my boobs are so big from breastfeeding still that it looked awkward. I want big boobs but they need to be my normal size so I can wear cute shirts.

Next went to Old Navy I think it was the sweetheart jean not sure they have so many I fit into a 18 tight but they were on and............IT WAS MY FIRST TIME IN OLD NAVY IN THE LADIES DEPT SHOPPING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always went right back to kids it was nice shopping in a regular store for me! I was having so much fun I bought a L and XL tank top dressy style for Disney. I got the XL on at home and it fit the L is snug I will have them taken in cause I only paid 99 cent for each shirt...........I love clearance in Old Navy!!!

After that I went to Kohls and got a cute XL top from the misses dept on clearance for 7.80 loved that! It was cute and I figure when I lose weight I can wear it for a swimwear coverup. The kids were running around like maniacs so we didn't last long in Kohls.

Finally we went to Cato and I got 3 new tops. Long sleeves for the winter and I went in and went to the plus size found cute tops 11.99 ok get a few of those see XL no 14-16 so I grab that and go for another color and get 18-20 cause I don't see XL. Well I got a pile that should have been in the Misses section yep yet again fit in the Misses section and went to the "other side" and got the XL in those shirts.

I had so much fun shopping spent less than 50.00 today on clothes! But got I think 8 tops!
Catch ya later!

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